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Has anyone heard from Leicester uni yet?

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    Have just applied to Leicester and was wondering if anyone had already recieved offers, just so I know how behind I am and if I stand a chance?
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    Yeah, I received an offer for Law.
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    I got an offer for Law aswell

    uni of nottingham - pending
    uni of leeds - pending
    uni of manchester - unsuccessful
    uni of brunel - conditional
    uni of leicester - conditional

    what degree are you applying for?
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    History and contemporary history
    hoping that I havent left sending the ucas form off too late
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    Don't wory I'm taking English and History and I didn't recieve an offer untill later, after I had heared from every other uni I applied for.
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    I don't think you've left it too late, with the deadline being January and some still writing Personal Statements etc. An advantage of sending it earlier would have been that you may have received offers quicker etc., but some universities for certain courses prefer to wait until they have more applications, so I wouldn't worry. The thing with sending it right now is that the universities probably have loads of applications to go through (mine included). Good luck.
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    I havent even been ackknowledged by Leicester yet lol !!:tsr2:
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    (Original post by aj_since 1989)
    I havent even been ackknowledged by Leicester yet lol !!:tsr2:
    I Dont think they send acknowledgements :s
    I never got one when I was applying anyway. The first I heard from them was an offer letter.
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    after you send the application when do they usually send the offers?
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    I applied in early October. Got my acknowledgement mid-october and my offer late October lol
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    lucky, my college are only just doing the's so ****
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    (Original post by aj_since 1989)
    I havent even been ackknowledged by Leicester yet lol !!:tsr2:
    Neither have I and I'm growing more and more impatient everyday. Leicester is the only uni that hasn't acknowledged me yet and I've only gotten an offer from one of my choices. Bleh
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    I applied late september and got an offer about two weeks ago.
    Don't worry though because it depends on the course you're applying for I guess.
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    I received my offer for History yesterday, after sending my application off on 19th November.
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    I've applied for English and sent off my application on the 12th November. I've recieved 2 offers and 1 acknowledgement from other universities but I'm not too worried as its only early december.
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    (Original post by zoe1989)
    History and contemporary history
    hoping that I havent left sending the ucas form off too late
    It's not January, it's not too late. If you haven't heard it's because they're considering you, not because they're waiting to reject you!
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    ah thats good, one of the other unis I applied to has given out loads of history interviews before I had even begun to think about writing my personal statement so I was a wee bit concerned lol
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    (Original post by aj_since 1989)
    I havent even been ackknowledged by Leicester yet lol !!:tsr2:
    me either i also can't help but notice that 3 of our uni choices are the same lol!
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    I've been offered a conditional for psychology AAB! Yay, now all i have to do is work my butt off!
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    Heard back from them on the 11th- offer to study English as long as I have 2 Bs at A2 level.


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Updated: December 23, 2007
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