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The Liverpool F.C. Society II

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    It's probably moreso because he didnt have a great season nor much to do in the Euros and over shadowed by Torres/Gerrard/Masch etc
  2. Offline

    He did do well in the Euros when he played, to be fair. If he goes to either Spain or Italy, he'd be a massive hit. Alonso staying wouldn't be bad though, I just hope he can regain some of his debut season form. If he did, he'd be like a new, fantastic signing all over again.
  3. Online

    Wonder if we'll have any more transfer activity after this...
    Cant see the Americans giving money and Rafa cant have much left in the war chest.
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    Keane delight at Liverpool switch

    New Liverpool signing Robbie Keane admits it is a dream for him to sign for the Anfield outfit.

    Keane, 28, signed from Tottenham on Monday in a deal worth £20.3m and says he always wanted to play for the Reds.

    "I've been waiting for this day since I was a kid. I'm a massive fan, so to be sitting here in a Liverpool tracksuit is a dream come true," said Keane.

    "I am so grateful just to be here. I love the club and this is the one dream I had still to achieve."

    He added: "I always wanted to be a footballer as a kid, but also to play for Liverpool, maybe you never feel it is going to happen.

    "Now I am enjoying every minute and I can't wait to pull on that red shirt. This is a massive club and I want to do everything I can to make them even more successful.
    "The reasons I left Spurs are that I am a huge Liverpool fan and the chance to play for them may never come around again.

    "This opportunity is something I couldn't let go. I am at an age now when I believe I am at my peak, and aim to kick on."

    Keane's move has been criticised by Spurs chairman Daniel Levy, but he does not believe he betrayed the White Hart Lane outfit down by leaving.

    "I do not think I let Spurs down. I had six fantastic seasons there and gave them everything, from day one," he said.

    "I always give everything, and that will never change. The Spurs fans were always magnificent to me and I will always have a place in my heart for them.

    "But this is a new chapter in my life and one that I am looking forward to. I had six great years at Spurs and thank them for that."

    Keane, who is the Republic of Ireland's record goalscorer, says he cannot wait to begin his partnership with the club's Spanish sensation Fernando Torres, who scored 33 goals in all competitions in his debut season last term.

    "He has been a revelation since he came to the Premier League," said Keane. "He was absolutely outstanding last year and also in the Euros with Spain.
    "It is hard to leave Tottenham with some of the players they had - like Dimitar Berbatov, who I had a great relationship with - but Torres is probably the best striker in the world right now.

    "Hopefully we can play a lot of games together and do well."

    Keane also revealed his pride in being handed the number seven shirt at Anfield, following in the footsteps of the likes of Liverpool legends Kenny Dalglish and Kevin Keegan.

    "To wear that shirt is an honour, and something I truly understand. If I can have half as much success in it as Keegan and Dalglish did, I will be a happy man," he said.

    Reds boss Rafael Benitez says he hopes the shirt inspires Keane to succeed at Liverpool.

    "We were talking about the number, and the big names that have had this number, so it will be inspirational for him to have it too," said the Spaniard.

    "We were looking for a player with game intelligence and good movement who could play alongside Torres.

    "He can play with Torres up front and also on the right. He is a player who can give to us a lot of goals - normally he gets about 15 each year.

    "We were looking for the workrate he can give to us, the game intelligence and also the goals."
    It really is a fantastic signing. Can't wait to see him play for us.
  5. Online

    I think Keane will make the most difference at our away games whereas Torres has struggled a bit to hit the net.

    *excited* :woo:
  6. Offline

    He's #7 I'm getting my Liverpool home shirt today :cool:

    I was going to get 'El Nino' or 'Danny Agger', but Keane's just sold it :p:
  7. Offline

    I think Torres will be a lot different at away games now he's had a season of experience....
  8. Offline

    (Original post by Klinsmannic)
    FYI :p:

    Nothing like some good old-fashioned PR to increase a fan base, increase ticket sales etc...fill the stadium with some juvenile delinquents. Everyone's a winner.

    edit: Looks like there's alot of good work being done with this Foundation : )
  9. Online

    Well thats what we're all hoping for but it might help having Keane alongside him.
  10. Offline

    (Original post by _MaLc_)
    He's #7 I'm getting my Liverpool home shirt today :cool:

    I was going to get 'El Nino' or 'Danny Agger', but Keane's just sold it :p:
    Alternatively, D.Agger

    ? :cool:

    You could be held responsible for promoting knife crime :rolleyes:
  11. Offline

    I was thinking of Agger or Squirtle.
  12. Offline

    It's going to be fascinating seeing how Keane does for you guys. He really is a fantastic player. Torres and Keane, mouthwatering.
  13. Online

    Rafa Relishing Keane Signing
    Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez was virtually cartwheeling with enthusiasm over the successful acquisition of Robbie Keane, who he is sure will form a devastating tandem with Fernando Torres.

    Keane completed what for him was along-awaited switch to Anfield today, signing a four-year contract with the club he supported as a youngster.

    Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has already vented his fury at the “enforced sale” of the Republic of Ireland captain, but Benitez was in too good a mood to even just touch on potential polemics down the road.

    "We knew he was a Liverpool fan since forever. We knew that he was a very good signing in terms of the commitment, the quality and the intelligence of the player," Rafa trumpeted in the club's official website.

    "He can play with Torres up front and also on the right.

    "He is a player who can give to us a lot of goals – normally he gets about 15 each year. We were looking for the workrate he can give to us, the game intelligence and also the goals."

    "He has experience in the Premier League and also all the reports of his personality and professionalism are fantastic. He can be a good example for the young players," the Spaniard added.

    "I feel like he has enough experience in the game and that he has a very good mentality. He is very hungry, so everything is positive."

    Benitez went on to confirm that Keane will be wearing the No. 7 shirt at Liverpool, which is essentially a holy number in the red half of Merseyside.

    "Yes, we were talking about the number, and the big names that have had this number, so it will be inspirational for him to have it too."

    Benitez refused to give a conclusive answer about whether he would outlaw Keane's famous cartwheel celebration, but his rather lighthearted take suggests that the Irishman's trademark will live on at Anfield.

    "We will talk. It is important to score and also to celebrate afterwards, but he has to be careful just in case!"
    If thats the case I guess we're more likely to see

    Babel Gerrard Keane
  14. Online

    Hmm looks like we're going to miss Babel, Lucas and Maschernao for the Olympics...
    Think they only last from 8th till 24th so surely they would only be missing...

    Saturday, 16 August 2008
    Barclays Premier League
    Sunderland v Liverpool, 17:30
    Saturday, 23 August 2008
    Barclays Premier League
    Liverpool v Middlesbrough, 15:00

    We should have enough fire-power to beat those 2 sides surely?
  15. Offline

    (Original post by sarforaz)
    If thats the case I guess we're more likely to see

    Babel Gerrard Keane
    I'd be more than happy with that.
  16. Online

    (Original post by _MaLc_)
    I'd be more than happy with that.
    I think Rafa is going to change his outlook a little bit for the premiership and make our attacking more fluid (whereas CL/cups we will remain more containing and tight).

    Torres will lead the line but Babel and Keane will cut in and probably join him near the top. Gerrard makes amazing runs and will continue to do so. Rafa has chosen attacking full backs so thats going to help too

    ..............Gerrard........... .

    I think we're going to try and push more like that (high full backs, two in the box, a late runner but then someone like Alonso to always go back to who can spread the play).

    And you know that Gerrard will drift around, meaning Keane and Babel will switch with him too.

    SO EXCITED ABOUT THE NEW SEASON :woo: :woo: :woo:
  17. Offline

    We would be pretty much screwed if Torres gets injured at some point. We dont have much in terms of back up quality. Keane will get a few goals, but not rip up the league. Will be interesting to see how we line up in comparison to last season.
    I still think eto'o would've been a better buy...but thats just me.
  18. Online

    To be honest, any top side missing their top scoring will feel it..
    With RVP injured and Adebayor not hitting his high form, they struggled.
    If Utd didnt have Ronaldo, i imagine it will effect them (we'll see how much at the start of next season)
    When Chelsea were missing Drogba they didnt look as sharp either.

    Having Keane means we actually have another striker we can score!
    Eto'o would be expensive, insane wage demands and isnt as good as he used to be (80% after his last injury and it will last throughout his career).
  19. Offline

    I won't be on until later so i'll start the new Liverpool thread, i'll change it back to one of you guys when i get back :yy:

    I'm locking this thread now, new thread is here.
Updated: July 29, 2008
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