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The Liverpool F.C. Society II

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    (Original post by DontBuyTheSun)
    I'm at uni lad. Got firefox at home.
    fair play. i love having already broke up for Crimbo
  2. Offline

    Serious? we dont finish till the 21st
  3. Offline

    (Original post by izaldo)
    When you are walking down your row Seba, in the main stand. Watch out for the flasks, walking sticks and blankets. Health and safety Hazard.
    As has been pointed out, It'll probably be me one day...
  4. Offline

    (Original post by sarforaz)
    Serious? we dont finish till the 21st
    A-Boo-Hoo :p:

    Came home on the 1st Dec, term starts 13th Jan but I'm going back the 6th Jan.
  5. Offline

    (Original post by Chewy!)
    A-Boo-Hoo :p:

    Came home on the 1st Dec, term starts 13th Jan but I'm going back the 6th Jan.
    Fair enough, we dont start semester 2 till February
  6. Offline

    (Original post by sebas_back)
    As has been pointed out, It'll probably be me one day...

    Can't wait to tell my grandkids about the 07/08 vintage side
  7. Offline

    (Original post by sarforaz)
    Fair enough, we dont start semester 2 till February
    that explains it. we're on terms and you're on semesters.
  8. Offline

    Damn it, I gotta' wait til the bloody 14th...
    ANNNND. I got a bloody exam tomorrow.
    =[ life sucks. Liverpool are making me that much more happier though.
  9. Offline

    Though, since we're on great form, the matches are too spaced out.
    I wanna see more wins right now! :p:
  10. Offline

    Yup. I hate the wait during the week. =[

    I need my footy injection already. I can't wait til the weekend.
  11. Offline

    Ugh its a late kick off... ill probably miss most of the match because of work
    *waits for next Tuesday*
  12. Offline

    What time is it next tuesday? Is that Sky or ITV's day?
  13. Offline

    Uefa Champions League Live
    ITV 1

    Tuesday 11th December on ITV 1 from 7:30pm to 10:00pm
    Marseille v Liverpool (Kick-off 7.45pm). Steve Rider is joined by Andy Townsend to present coverage of this evening's Group A encounter at the Stade Velodrome. The Reds must win here to progress through to the last 16, but the visitors have already suffered one defeat at the hands of the French outfit this season and, with former Liverpool players Djibril Cisse and Bolo Zenden among their ranks, Rafael Benitez knows this will be a tough game for his side. Steven Gerrard is one particular player who is keen to avoid further disappointment this season, after being part of England's failed Euro 2008 qualification bid, and he will be expected the win the midfield battle against Lorik Cana that could prove so crucial in deciding the outcome of the match. Commentary by Clive Tyldesley and David Pleat, with reports from Gabriel Clarke.

  14. Offline

    Excellent! =]
    Can I just say: Awesome avatar, Farhan. Very cool indeed.
  15. Offline

    Thanks man! Is his hair & the border gold or brown? I can't tell lol a bit colour blind.
  16. Offline

    Definately a goldy colour.
    Goes well, I like it.
  17. Offline

    Liverpool FA Cup game to be a sunday 4pm KO. Televised on Sky.

    Nice. Very nice.
  18. Offline

    Just took a gander at some Torres sigs haha =]
    I suck at photoshop, so I have to steal :p:
  19. Offline

    Show us

    (I see it now, your sig didn't come up before)
  20. Offline

    My Torres sig is best, FACT.
Updated: July 29, 2008
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