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Cheapest university for International students in UK?

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    Hull does Mechanical Engineering and as a university it is very popular with international students. It is a cheap city to live in and they do have scholarships available for international students.
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    Ahan. What are the requirements for Mechanical Engineering ? Does it require Chemistry in A levels? Because i didnt take up Chemistry. I did so in o levels.
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    And as far as asian universities go .. I dont think i want to join any asian university except for those in my own country because Pakistan does have 2-3 of the best asian Universities. Maybe not as good as Japanese, Malaysians and Indian universities but certainly pretty good. GIKI and Nust are 2 universities over here in paksitan which are competing in Asia and these are the 2 universities i had applied last year and didnt get into.

    Point is i'd rather stay in my own country then go to some other country in Asia. Reason is that i can try hard and get in the 2 top universities over here and im sure that ill get in them because for next year tests take place in July so i have like 6 months. If i set my mind to it i can do it. And also because i dont really fancy Asia to be honest. India isnt very different from pakistan .. It would be just like living in my own country.. And i also want to experience a different culture you know ..
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    Dude do you know IIT is considered number one in the world for technology?
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    You mean Indian institute of Technology or Illinois Institute of Technology?
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    Indian...never even heard of Illinois.
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    Got any links ?
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    google iit india?
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    Already done cant find any links saying its the top university..

    Anyway .. How much do Canadian universities cost for engineering ?
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    Have you looked at the University of Nottingham's campus in Malaysia? Australian universities are supposed to be cheaper in general than US/North American ones. I would have thought that Canada will be similar to US universities, but that's just an educated rather than an informed guess.
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    If cost is an issue you shouldn't really head to the west.
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    ditto to the comments concerning Australia and Canada - those are places where international students go because the fees are lower and the lifestyle cost is better.
    UK really is the most expensive imo

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    So can you guys recommend Engineering Universities in Australia or preferably Canada because i have a few friends in Waterloo University.
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    Also do i need to give any extra english tests? Last year when i applied to UK i remember i didnt have to give any english tests because i had B grade in English Language in O levels.
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    No, you shouldn't have to since you've got that B.
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    they might ask for IELTS or TOEFL if you're heading to America.
    Australia is good but only you're getting scores like 90% or AAAA (or similar), they can be very demanding.
    Canada is slightly cheaper than American unis because of the conversion rate.

    and like someone said, you can look into uni's that have campuses in Asia, and even get to have a year abroad. but then you're being so picky so it's your choice :rolleyes:
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    Nah they shouldn't ask for the TOEFL or the IELTS. When I was planning on applying to the US I checked up on that.
    They said that I had to have been in the British curriculum for a certain number of years and there was some grade requirement - UK though, it was B at least at GCSE if not taken at A level.
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    they shouldn't but i'd applied to some places and they required either the IELTS or TOEFL even with my A from O-Level GCSE. they can be funny like that.
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    How strange :confused:
    I guess the annoying this is the SAT requirement though - always clashes with work.
    But the most irritating thing though was that they would accept your A level grades if they were received before February - which would mean that you'd need to takea gap year :rolleyes:
    However, having looked at specific universities - I think it was Princeton that said that they would accept A level grades after they were released..so they'd want the predicted grades instead.
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    Anyway am pretty darn confused right now .. Are countries like Ireland and Scotland etc any cheaper or are they pretty much the same as UK? There has to be some university out there in Europe or Americas which is a bit cheap for International students??
Updated: December 6, 2007
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