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Counterpart Driving License

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    I passed my test over 2 years ago so I have forgotten what the deal with the counterpart license is. Do you get a new one when you get your full license card or do you stick with the provisional one? Only asking because I'm doing some work experience for Autocar soon and they want both parts of my license... thanks!
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    You get a new complete licence (i.e. both parts) when you pass your test, IIRC. The counterpart and photocard both give details of the types of vehicle you're licensed to drive, so both need updating after a test pass.
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    My friend passed her test fairly recently, and her drivers license has some kind of chip (?) in it with the info on and because of that she doesn't have a paper part.
    I don't know how recently that was brought in though so it might not apply to you.
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    Really? I thought that was a trial on provisional licences in wales, but wasn't beginning till next year. I didn't think they had already brought them in. Interesting.
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    Yeah my friend's license looks different to other licenses that I've seen of our friends who passed earlier on. It looks prettier Although I don't think she really knows what the difference is.
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    I lost y coutnerpart recently

    I had to apply for a new one - it costs £22 and took a week to come (although they do state 2 weeks as a probable time).

    I passed my test around 3-4 years ago and has an older pink licence.

    When I got my couterpart through I also got a new pink card through - with the new security features including the black and white photograph

    So if you have lost your counterpart i suggest you get ordering a new one now!

    Also, even though i said i lost teh paper aprt onlien they made a new card for me with the photo i used original - so they must keep them on their files.
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    (Original post by tinkerbellejess)
    Yeah my friend's license looks different to other licenses that I've seen of our friends who passed earlier on. It looks prettier Although I don't think she really knows what the difference is.
    I know they had changed and added things like black and white photo, but they still come with counterparts.
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    I lost my counterpart about 4 years ago - plus I have a different name now than what is on my license.

    I really must get round to sorting that out, I'm such a horrific procrastinator!


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Updated: December 11, 2007
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