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    Add me! Add me!

    Kate - History - Lincoln - 2006-2009
  2. Offline

    ooh, add me if you're going to do it. charlotte - english - teddy hall - 2008-2011
  3. Offline

    Mneh....why not....
    St John's
  4. Offline

    You can add me to the list if you're updating any time soon.

  5. Offline

    Name: Catrin C-M
    College: Worcester
    Subject: Maths & Phil
    Year entered: 2008
    Year leaving: 2012
  6. Offline

    I've only just remembered to add myself to this

    Music :musicus:
    Year entered: 2007
    Year leaving: 2010

  7. Offline

    Name: Mook
    College: Oriel
    Subject: History
    Year entered: 2008
    Year leaving: 2011
  8. Offline

    You can add me if you're still doing this...
    Name: HenryT
    College: Merton
    Subject: Maths and Stats
    Year entered: 2007
    Year leaving: 2011
  9. Offline

    Name: Zoë
    College: St John's
    Subject: PPE
    Year entered: 2008
    Year leaving: 2011
  10. Offline

    Name: Kate
    College: Mansfield
    Subject: Maths
    Year entered: 2009
    Year leaving: 2013
  11. Offline

    This thread just popped up, so if you're still doing it add me!

    Name: Peter
    College: Merton
    Subject: Philosophy and Modern Languages (German)
    Year entered: 2009
    Year leaving: 2013 (year abroad in third year)
  12. Offline

    add me too

    Name: Eve_22
    College: Harris Manchester
    Subject: Law
    Year started: 2009
    Year Leaving 2012
  13. Offline

    *Excited* This reminds me of the "aahhh I got in!!!" thread, except with quieter smileys.... :p:

    Name: HoVis
    College: Balliol
    Subject: History
    Started: 2009
    Leaving: 2012 / Never.
  14. Offline

    Given that this thread is not active any more, is there any way that we can remove it from 'useful resources'?
  15. Offline

    (Original post by MatchDancer)
    Given that this thread is not active any more, is there any way that we can remove it from 'useful resources'?
    It can be active if you want it to be. Removing it would need admin (maybe a supermod?) but they may not want to before the upgrade to VB3.8 coming in September because of the migration from the development site.
  16. Offline

    Name: (optional) Matt
    College: Balliol
    Subject: Chemistry
    Year entered: 2010
    Year leaving: 2014
  17. Offline

    Name: Jamie
    College: Hertford
    Subject : Mathematics
    Year entered: 2010
    Year leaving : 2014
  18. Offline

    Name: Mike
    College: ?
    Subject: PPE
  19. Offline

    Name: (optional)abbey
    College:the best one(st catherines)
    Subject: applied and got a place for biochemistry but switched to chemistry at the end of the 1st term after being reinterviewed
    Year entered:2010
    Year leaving:2014
  20. Offline

    No one for fine art?


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Updated: September 16, 2014
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