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Speed Distance Time for Dummies

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    it doesn't seem to come out exactly which is unusual.

    A = 1 1/14 hrs
    B = 1 2/14 hrs

    A + B = 2 3/14 hrs = 2 6/28
    T = 1 3/4 hrs = 1 21/28

    A + B + T = 1 27/28 hrs = 1 hrs 58 minutes (rounded)

    I think

    Although you are from the calculator generations fractions can be faster if you need to do it in your head sometimes
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    Would someone be kind enough to explain to me how the miles per minute method works when working out time? I have been using the fraction method but feel this might be a quicker way to working time questions out.
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    (Original post by Old_Simon)
    Lol. You have to do this for real, upside down, pulling 6g, and doing 500 knots in an aircraft that cost the tax payer tens of millions of pounds. Ok the Q above ( these need to be done in your head in seconds if you ever want to sit in a military aircraft)

    In the first hour we do 210 miles. We subtract that from 392 so we have 182 miles to run. What is 182/210? We notice immediately that both 182 and 210 are divisible by 14 conveniently giving us 13/15. 1/15 of one hour takes 4 minutes. We burn fuel at 135 kgs an hour and we notice immediately by inspection 135 is divisible by 15 giving us 9.
    13 x 9 = 117 kgs. So in total we burn 210 + 117 kgs of fuel.
    Should this not be 135 + 117kgs?
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    Hi guys. I cant quite work this on out. Thanks for help in advance.

    You travel 61 miles in 1 hour and 5 minutes. What is your speed?
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    A car travels at a speed of 47 mph how far would it travel in 6 hours
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    Am I being really stupid? or is there no results sheet?
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    If am walking at 6mph, how far would I have travelled in 1hour and 40 mins?
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    8. 6 miles to an hour, cut 6 into 3 and 60 into 3, makes 2 miles per 20 minutes.

    6 miles per hour plus 2 miles In 20 minutes = 8 miles in 1.40 hours
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    Hi all,

    In regards to the CBAT, going by the examples on the very first page - are these similar examples to what 'could' pop up in the Aptitude tests? I appreciate that it could and can change.

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    (Original post by Mighty Tundra)
    8. 6 miles to an hour, cut 6 into 3 and 60 into 3, makes 2 miles per 20 minutes.

    6 miles per hour plus 2 miles In 20 minutes = 8 miles in 1.40 hours
    Surely it's 10 miles. 6 miles per hour, so 2 miles per 20 mins. It's 1 hour 40 mins So 10 miles?
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    Indeed 10, had the formula just barreled myself with the answer!


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Updated: September 2, 2015
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