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Speed Distance Time for Dummies

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    (Original post by Andyeasson)

    For starters those are quiet tricky numbers that don't go into each other that well, so I don't know if they'll be that tricky but it's best to be prepared.

    First of all you know that in 60mins you travel 45miles.
    Therefore it takes 3hrs to travel 135 with 27miles left.
    So now we want to know how long it takes to travel 27miles.
    Easiest way to do this I find is to find a number that goes into both 45 and 27. (9)
    You can work out (45/9=5) that you travel 9miles in 5minutes.
    To find out how long it takes to travel 27miles....27/9=3 and then 3x5minutes= 15 minutes
    So the answer is 2hrs 15minutes.

    I'm studying these questions for an aptitude test coming up and I've found that if you can learn patterns of what numbers go into an hour it really helps!! I.e. 2,30's. 3,20's. 4,15's. 5,12's.
    Correct me if I'm wrong but the answer isn't 2hrs 15mins, the answer is 3 hrs 36 mins
    45*3 = 135 = 3 hours
    162-135=27 miles remaining
    At 45 mph we travel 45 miles in 60 mins (45/60)
    So we travel 4.5 miles in 6 mins (4.5/6)
    So we travel 9 miles in 12 mins (9/12)
    Remember to multiply by the top and divide by the bottom
    27/9 = 3
    3*12 = 36 mins
    Answer 3 hrs and 36 mins


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Updated: January 12, 2016
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