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Cambridge Law Students and Applicants

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    (Original post by complexsimplicity)
    I got rejected for it...i think there are only 6 places

    I was told 10 ( I'm applying on the french side of it since I take the Baccalaureate)

    I'm sorry you didn't get in ....

    Damm it ... it looks damm competitive!!
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    (Original post by thegluups)
    Is anyone doing the Law with French Law thing? I know Niph was, but unfortunatly he didn't get an offer ...
    Little red circle with cross on the bottom = female ;D
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    (Original post by Niph)
    Little red circle with cross on the bottom = female ;D
    :p: :p: Oops, sorry ... Didn't really pay attention ... Nothing personal though ...

    I promise I'll look next time
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    I just realised that I was interviewed by this guy... :eek:
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    (Original post by Ad-Alta)
    I just realised that I was interviewed by this guy... :eek:
    He matriculated from Queens :cool:
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    He's the DoS for Law at Hughes which is kind of cool.
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    I just got my first mini-pupillage offer, but I am rather confused...!
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    congrats - unlukcy about the date mixup

    ins't a mini-pupilage a week long shadowing? (i think thats why i did over the summer but ovbiously it was basic)
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    Yeah - I was assuming it would be a whole week, which I was prepared to sacrifice from my exam revision :p:, but it turns out it's only 3 days anyway.

    It's St Philips in Brum if anyone has any helpful advice to offer!

    She's asked me which practice area I'm most interested in so that I can spend the majority of my time there, but ideally I'd like to have a spread over as many as poss... the confusion!

    I think I'll just say Crime, because that is the area that's most appealing to me atm, plus they seem to be quite well represented in it (as do most of the Brum chambers, weirdly).

    I hope that doesn't say something about the criminal population of Birmingham...
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    Two year Law Tripos for affiliated students:
    Year 1 (Tripos 1B)
    1. constitutional law
    2. law of tort
    3. law of contract
    4. land law
    5. equity or EU law

    Year 2 (Tripos II)
    1. Criminal law
    2. equity or EU law
    3, 4, & 5 (various options)

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    No idea, but in terms of fitting two years work into three the official website says:

    "...the usual pattern would be to take Tripos IB at the end of the first year and Tripos II at the end of the second year."

    instead of the regular undergraduate route:

    "Law IA is taken at the end of the first year of residence. Law IB is taken in the second year by those who have passed Law IA, or by those changing into law from another Tripos. Law II is only for those who have passed Law IB."

    so it seems that the first Tripos is omitted, but don't quote me on that...
    However, it could potentially be combined as the page also says:

    "Law IA and Law IB cannot be counted as two separate Tripos examinations to qualify for the B.A.."

    so perhaps there are separate combined examination papers for those who are changing subjects, or are AS like us?

    However I have no idea what subjects make up the Tripos - I guess the same as undergraduates, so if you took them from the prospectus then you're probably right.

    Btw, you're from the Grad Union forum, aren't you?
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    Btw, you're from the Grad Union forum, aren't you?
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    Do they say you can't have a part time job if you go to Cambridge?
    Also, is the interview as notoriously difficult as they say it is?
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    the rules do say that you can't take a part time job, although I spoke to my tutor about a little casual work (I tutor Spanish) and she said that was fine.
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    Hi, basically i want to apply for law at cambridge. However, i have to resit 2 of my January modules because i got B's in them.
    Will this really hurt my chances? My teachers say that i potentially can get over 90/95% in the exam after i got near full marks
    in the mocks for my January exams. However, i messed two up and have to resit them as i said. My AS's are in english lit, history,
    politics, psychology, general studies. I am only worried more because i only got 3A*s 3A's and 4B's at GCSE. However, i did have to look
    after my Dad whilst my Mum worked because he had a brain tumour over the 2 gcse years (he really needed my help after the operation). This really
    distracted me from my work. However, will i even get an interview and will Cambridge consider this circumstance. Also, my tutor said he would put it
    on my reference but would Cambridge have to go through asking my secondary school/other ppl?

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    Your GCSEs are pretty much the same as mine, and I had no mitigating circumstances. It's absolutely -normal- to get B's in modules, you don't need to resit them at all. If, however, you want to resit them then that's fine.
    The misapprehension is that Cambridge really hate resits. Simply resitting a couple of modules won't get you automatically rejected, though do remember that you will have to fill in your original marks as well as the resat ones on the forms.

    But no, don't worry about being automatically rejected because your GCSEs aren't stellar and you have a couple of dodgy modules that you want to resit. It's entirely -possible-, of course, but you won't find out unless you do apply.
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    Not speaking as any real authority on the subject, but I think it certainly sounds worth a shot. I think that they'll certainly take your circumstances into account (they are human after all and they do expect you to be!) - if you did that well considering, just imagine how you could've done in more favourable circumstances!
    And I wouldn't worry too much about re-sits. They're only B's (a good grade after all), and I re-sat a January module last June (it was a borderline A), and wasn't automatically rejected or even asked about it! I still got an offer, even after the world's most atrocious interview, so I'd say go for it.
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    Like other people said, B is a respectable grade. If you don't do a resit, you just need to make sure get an A overall, for example, a high B in one or two modules plus several high As in modules will make the A overall. What were your UMS marks?
    Also, make sure get strong As in English, History and Politics- those which are most relevant to Law. General Studies they won't accept, so don't bother with that.
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    I've already submitted my resit form but just to tell you: they were middle B's. However, i got 90+% in my psychology module quite easily. About my circumstances, is mentioning it on the reference ok because my tutor said he'll do it for me...i mean, i was quite gutted on gcse results day because i knew i could've got better if things/luck were different. well, thanks for the input and any further advice.
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    Yeah, stuff like this is part of the point of references.


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