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What Does Re: Mean On a Letter...............

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    Quick Question

    - On a Letter What Does Re: Mean??

    i.e. does it mean replying (to a previous letter), or regarding (subject matter)...........

    - Also would you put this before or after the dear sir/madam part??

    Thanks For Any Help

    PS. I Know This Is Totally The Wrong Place To Post This In, But I'm Off To a Funeral in China Tomorrow and Need To Send of My IB Application Form Off Tonight :tsr2:
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    It means 'in reference to' or 'in regard to'
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    Re is latin for "in the matter of".

    As for your second question, im not entirely sure, but I think after Sir/Madam.

    Im assuming this is email? Cause I dont think Re is entirely appropriate in a letter. Thats just me though!
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    Re: is perfectly acceptable in a letter. In fact, it's standard form.
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    Fair enough.

    I never write letters unless im threatening my work with something. :p:
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    thanks for the help guys, really means a lot

    in regards to having re: in a letter, i thought it was the norm when writing about a particular subject?


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Updated: January 6, 2008
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