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IB SL Physics revision?

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    Hey does anyone know where to find good revision notes for IB SL Physics?
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    b u m p
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    i need revision notes - especially on nuclear physics
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    Second! Any revision notes on physics hl as well as geography sl highly welcome .
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    are there not any on the wiki?
    I'll check...
    EDIT: http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/wiki...Revision_Notes
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    can someome plz tell if questiions on earthquake and vibrations and stuff are part of syllabus...anymore...i mean for 2009 exams
    if some one finds this post..i would apprecaite if u post reply as soon as possible...

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    i'm guesing this is cos of a certain question about earthquakes and circles and buildings that was on p2 a few years ago. my teacher designed it apparently. and the quesiton wasn't on earthquakes it was on waves, earthquakes was merely an application of wave theories. i do believe that waves have, since this time, been removed from the syllabus. but its best to get ahold of a copy of the syllaus which you should be able to ask your teacher for.
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    That was a pretty easy question. Wasn't the last part marking out the 3 earthquake lab sites on a triangle or something?
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    hmmm thought i would just bump this up as its ganna come relevant soon and people may have some revision notes
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    guys i need some advice on how to study for physics... its ganna kill me!!
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    lol your abit late, physics is not a subject you can revise for overnight and then suddenly be good at it..
    your best bet is to read over:

    read it over twice, spend a whole day doing that.
    then spend the next day doing P2, on this same day spend the last 2 hours reading over your book once again.
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    My only hope is for our exam to be an exact copy of one of the previous years .. or fail.
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    I'm quite excited for the exam Really wishing I was taking HL though
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    you wish for Math HL, Phy HL... are you normal :P??
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    lol @ trm
    its true.
    im glad im taking the subjects i take.
    Physics HL is fun
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    I'm sooo nervous for Physics! I've done lots of revision and am working my way through past papers but I'm finding them pretty difficult and keep having to refer to the markscheme. I feel pretty hopeless to be honest. I hope nothing too horrendous will come out. Good luck to everyone!
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    (Original post by Rider)
    you wish for Math HL, Phy HL... are you normal :P??
    Ugh, I'd take those as highers over French B, English A1 or Economics -- EDIT: like I haD () -- any day. Why did I have to mess up my course choices :p:
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    So nobody's got any useful websites (apart from the wiki) or notes or pdfs?
    I've got a feeling i'm gonna be lucky if i get a 4 haha
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    I wish I had taken Econ HL instead of Physics SL...
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