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Hong Kong University

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    (Original post by yeung3939)
    You don't need to sit any entrance exam.
    Most if not all courses are taught and assessed in English.

    By the way, you should really consider HKUST and CUHK. Their business schools are known to be better than HKU's.
    Not really. The Alumni networks in HKU are much stronger. Go HKU and no others.
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    (Original post by yeung3939)
    I think in UK only Oxbridge, LSE, Imperial, LBS are better than HKU/CUHK/HKUST for business.
    You are correct. For business, Oxbridge and LSE are better than HKU / CUHK / HKUST.

    Not Imperial because it is more engineering and science.

    Do not know LBS. May be people in Hong Kong mis-related it to LSE since there are many schools named similar in London.
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    (Original post by Interpretation)
    Anyone going to HKU this fall?
    Not at my side since the one I know who got both HKU and LSE tickets this fall.

    So go LSE at no doubt.
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    (Original post by Lifeslikethis)
    Hong Kong's education system has changed.
    It changed from 3-4-3 to 3-3-4.
    What system is it in the UK?
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    Anyone know what the IB entry requirement is for BBA Accounting & Finance?


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Updated: May 15, 2013
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