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The Sainsbury's Thread

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    Thought i'd start a thread for people who work or want to work at Sainsbury's to post any questions here.

    Before you go ahead and ask a question, check if it’s here:

    Q-How do I apply for a job at Sainsbury’s?
    A- All employment is now done online at www.sainsburys.co.uk , This document found on the Sainsbury’s website shows you how to apply: http://www.sainsburysbunch.co.uk/Fil...ctionSheet.pdf

    Q- What is a General Assistant?
    A- A General Assistant is a colleague working on one of the Shop Floor Departments such as Grocery, Fresh, Frozen, BWS etc.

    Q- What is a Customer Service Assistant?
    A- A Colleague working on the Checkout Department either on a Main Checkout, Kiosk or Customer Service Desk.

    Q- What is a Counter Assistant?
    A- A Colleague working on one of the Counters, such as Bakery, Deli, Fish, Meat

    Q- Do different departments have different pay?
    A- No, All departments pay the same for their colleagues.

    Q- How long does it take to get offered an interview after applying?
    A- Depends completely on the store’s HR and Management Team to find an interview slot, if you are suitable and pass the online tests.

    Q-What should I wear to the Interview?
    A- Wear Smart. Shirt, smart Trousers, black shoes, normal formal wear.

    Q- What happens in the interview?
    A- There will be a small task to do where the Interviewer leaves you in a room to complete then comes back and asks you to explain why you have chosen your decisions. The task is normally to match a meal to a specific person or family. After this there is the usual Interview questions e.g. Why you, Why Sainsbury’s, Experience, Hours, Overtime availability, and after this there will be a casual chat with the interviewer for them to get to know you personally.

    Q- How long after the interview do you know if you've got the job or not?
    A- Also depends completely on the store, can be the next day or can be weeks after.

    Q- What is an 'Induction'?
    A- The Induction is where you will be invited to the store you will be working in to learn about the company and what it expects from you, sign paperwork to do with your employment, watch DVD’s, have a tour of the store, be given your uniform, name badge, cutter, and leaflets and booklets about different aspects of the company such as Pensions and Colleague benefits. There will also be a little test to do to show you’ve learned what need to be known, don’t worry about this, it’s easy and if you get anything wrong the trainer will help you.

    Q- Will I be paid for the Induction?
    A- Yes you will be paid as if you are doing overtime.

    Q- What should I wear to the Induction?
    A- Casual. Jeans and a t-shirt is fine, you will spend most time in the Training Room.

    Q- How much will I get paid?
    A- Not all the stores have the same pay rates; it depends completely on the stores Region. Generally for Under 18’s it will be around £4-5 and for over 18’s £5-6.

    Q- When do we get paid?
    A- Every 4 weeks on the Friday.

    Q- What is the Overtime Rate?
    A- The Same as your contracted hourly rate.

    Q- Do we get Time and a Half on Sundays or Bank Holidays?
    A- Sundays- Not any more. Bank Holidays- Yes

    Q- What is Till Training and how is it done?
    A- The till training is a mix of theory and practical exercises for which some is done on the tills on the shop floor and some is done in the training room. You will be given a booklet which has loads of questions and explanations in it which you will fill in during the till training.
    The store trainer will give you your operator number (which is the first 3 numbers of your clocking in/out number) and you will go down on the shop floor to have a go on one of the proper tills.
    But you probably won’t serve customers on your first ever go, the trainer will just get loads of random products and get you to put them through in the 'training mode' on the tills.
    You will be taught how to complete a Flight, Scanning, Putting though weighed items, Fruit and Veg, Payment though the different methods, Nectar, and the Checkout Hardware (how to turn them on, maintain and clean them)
    After you've had a bit of a go on that, they will then get you to observe people on the tills and then probably let you have a little go with someone stood behind you. After that you'll do a little test to test your knowledge.

    Q- How long do I have to work for to get Colleague Discount at Sainsbury's?
    A- You have to work 6 months in order to get your Discount Card

    Q- How much is the Colleague Discount?
    A- Normally at 10% although at certain times such as Christmas or when the business is doing exceptionately well, it will go to 15%
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    You are the first person ive heard of who wants to move from the shop floor to checkouts, its usually the reverse. I would also consider asking your current department manager not the checkout manager whether you can change departments, then carry on pestering the checkout manager.

    (You do realise checkouts are as horrible as the shop floor, if you work a full shift)
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    Ive nevere worked the floor but tbh I think id prefer checkouts.. i dont take well to working in cold for a start haha. A guy who started with me missed the till training and had to do the floor for a month even though he applied for checkouts and hes moved to checkouts now. He said the floor was more of a skive but checkouts do pass time quicker. Probably both have their pros and cons really!
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    I have done both Shop Floor and checkouts, but mainly checkouts. It does make a change being on the shop floor, and its alright! Its better when the customers aren't in though!! They expect you to move out of their way even though you have a full & heavy box in your arms!!
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    Yeh I will keep trying but if not, working on both will probably be good, i usually find myself on both really and thats quite nice because i have heard of people being on checkouts for 8 hours straight and absolutely hating it. The main thing i want to do is to get off having to work both days in weekends.
    Had a really arsey customer today that wanted to buy 5 packs of paracetamol and had a right go at me when i said that it was company policy to only sell 3 (i think) in one transaction. He then went quiet, snatched the reciept out the printer and walked off without saying a word!!! The kind of customer that you want to say P*** off to and give em a slap lol.
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    as for the saterday and sunday thing say 2 ur manager that ur avilble both days but onli want 2 wrk 1 cause of college work
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    You are only allowed to sell 2 packs of paracetemol to a customer, i think it is more than just Sainsbury's policy, I think its an agreement all supermarkets signed and I even have a feeling its part of the Think 21 thing.
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    Yeah its two, you always get some awkward customers.. I have the odd ones who moan at me for little things like folding their newspaper in half to fit them in the bag while packing. I always just be nice and apologise it makes it harder for them to continue to be *******s lol. Theres usually at least one person a night in a huff with me for IDing them aswell. Youd think theyd be ok since theres signs at every till about think 21 and that you'll need to show ID if you look up to or around 21 years of age.
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    O rite, well i sold him three but not four. Hope that would be ok.
    The silly thing is, it should pop-up on the till, i mean if a customer want to buy a certain newspaper, that popups on the till as being think 21 and confirm age. You would think that someone would have thought to put a notice on the screen when you scan them. Just to make life a little easier lol
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    I dont get why they bother with the limit anyway.. if someone is going to do something they will. They can easily buy two in our shop then go to another and get more. Or come back later and go to another till.
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    I used to work on the shopfloor, and now I'm on checkouts and I have been for a year or so now (well, the custoemr service desk). And I prefer it... and I would speak to the store manager (they know best!!!). Even though mine is a bitch!
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    Jhawkins I know what you mean, I used to be on checkout every shift and then I got Kiosk trained and CSD trained and now im doing my supervisor training, I really dont think I could take longer than 6 hours on a till, i much prefer either CSD or supervising.

    The thing about CSD you get to know all the managers quite well and im pretty lucky cos i get on well with them, if yours is not nice, i bet its horrible when she has to come down to the desk.
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    Well yeh I got kiosk trained too! So it's all good. And I run as a supervisor when the rest of them go the cash office on a Friday night!

    Mine can be alright, but when she's not nice.. she's really not nice! If ya get me... lol

    I work 10-7 every Saturday, so to be on a checkout was awful, butnow I'm on the desk instead... so it's all good!
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    Does any one have the new uniform yet?
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    no, i dont mind my blue t shirt and i really dont really want to wear a burgundy and orange uniform.

    JHawkins, I hate tills now, ive only just turned 18 so I have only just started running but i really like it. I like the desk but sometimes, i feel quite isolated and what was more worrying is when I came out of the desk, after 6 months, i knew hardly any of the cashiers names. Im pretty lucky though cos i get on well with all the supervisors and so Ive quickly been promoted, ive only worked for a year.

    One tip for everyone here; if you dislike your job, dont show it and be pleasant to everyone and theres more chance your get a change.
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    Yeh the current uniform is fine, but there is the option of Black Polo Shirts with the new one.
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    Where can I see the new uniform? I'm about to start in a new store in Manchester and haven't seen it yet.
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    (Original post by the_mars_volta)
    Where can I see the new uniform? I'm about to start in a new store in Manchester and haven't seen it yet.
    Its very hard to see it. It was in one of the pictures in the sainsburys journal and in some booklet about sainsburys over the past years.
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    Burgandy? Yuck.. I havent seen the new one yet either. I was happy enough with the blue polo and navy blue jumper dont fancy changing! I wish they would make the tops in XXS though cause XS is still too bit for me lol. Its an XS man basically which doesn't suit a 5 ft 1 and size 6 girl!

    Ive been there for about 4 months now and im really getting sick of checkouts.. I was asked last night by a supervisor if I had been on kiosks before but I said no and she just wandered off. Think they were needing someone to cover. She should have just trained be then lol.

    6 hours is the longest shift ive done on the checkouts.. I usually just do 4 though.
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    I think they called the new uniform a "plum" colour?
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