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Jungle theme fancy dress - Ahh!

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    Well, basically I need an outfit from the theme of the jungle, not Jane (that's the birthday girl), also, I don't want to be Tarzan or Mowgli or a baboon.

    I don't mind diy as far as getting a tshirt and drawing on it.. Don't wanna spend a fortune, how can I do this? Animals seem kinda hard. I think a giraffe would be pretty cool, anyone got ideas what they'd do..?
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    be a tree
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    i saw jodie marsh... bear with me! customise an outfit she had like her top hat, boots, bra and knickers in faux zebra and another in faux tiger print so perhaps if you made an outfit out of that it might like quite cool/different. The pictures of it is on her myspace
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    A monkey
    A tree (wear brown, use green spray colour on your hair and backcomb it a lot)
    A hunter with bows and arrows etc
    A tiger
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    An explorer? Some kahki shorts, white vest top, binoculars and a hat?
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    A zebra where a stripy top and black trousers. Black tights for a tail
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    some kind of feline, eg. lion, tiger, chetah

    u only need cat ears and a tail : the rest is quiet simple with some immagination.

    Lioness sounds pretty cool, getting ur hair really curly as J-lo or Beyonce do sometimes and light brown tight top, miny skirt and brown boots + furry or african style accessorise. I wasn't specific but i hope u get the idea

    The idea of a hunter is cool too Now i want to go to a fancy dress party :giggle:
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    I like that idea lady_s v. good!!
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    (Original post by Nicole89)
    I like that idea lady_s v. good!!
    thank you!!

    i think that idea popped into my head cause it would go well with most skin tones and a lioness outfit sounds sexy :p:
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    Yeah! I might suggest a jungle social now for my sixth form! Lions and Tigers are cool-there just larger versions of their mini relatives! )
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    Exotic bird? wear any nice bright colours that suit you and make a headress and tail out of feathers (from craft shops or John lewis)


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