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Friend keeps cancelling on me.

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    I was supposed to be going out tonight with a friend but she cancelled on me. It's not the first time she has cancelled on me (she did it on my brithday too) and she knows i was really looking forward to going out cos its' the first time i've been out since before christmas. Its just she has done this everytime for the past few times we have organised it. before christmas for about 3 weeks and now today. I told her i was disappointed and to let me know when she would next be free. But should i just give up going out with her if she is gonna keep cancelling.

    whats her excuse first off? if its something important like exams, obviously she cant come out

    if she has no excuse, then theres two view points

    shes a friend whos just busy/lazy hence you get to see her less often then you'd like, in this instance you simply arrange things with her but know it may not happen but make other plans with other people (i.e. dont depend on her for a social life)

    or, shes a "sometimes friend" shes friends with you when it suits her, she makes plans with you as a back up, only to cancel them if something better comes up. in this case, dont bother, unless you have a lack of friends you dont need bad ones, if she wants to meet up with you, yea fair do's. just dont put her top of the list when your inviting friends out

    hope this helps

    Lynch her.

    Don't accept it, I can't stand people who cancel - especially at short notice. I also hate people who say they are really up for things, then when it comes to the crunch loose interest. I would demand a reason, and if its not valid, then see above.

    Tell her to poke it up her arse and find other friends.

    She's not your friend.

    Amongst other things, one thing I don't tolerate at all is people messing with my time. Right, first time it happens it's perhaps understandable. If it happens more than once however then it is totally unacceptable and I address to issue immediately, as should you. Just tell you're friend straight up that you don't appreciate her flakiness at all and that you had arrangements and she bailed out numerous times, which is just unacceptable by your standards. Drop it like it's hot baby.

    I had a friend who would make plans with me and then cancel last minute. I don't understand that mentality at all, if it was my idea to go out and she kept canceling I'd take a hint but with her making the plans it didn't make sense.

    Anyway, she kept wasting my time and we're no longer friends anymore : D

    ugh, one of my closest mates has really peeved me off today.
    we haven't seen each other in months, and last week she made plans with me to go to the pub and then cinema.
    yesterday i checked with her that we were still meeting up, "oh no, i'm working". she didn't bother to tell me. i had to ask her.
    this afternoon she posts a myspace bulletin, saying she's at one of her unifriends' house and they're going back into town then the pub!

    i was ok with her cancelling cause work had called her in, but this has really pissed me off. :mad:


    That is unacceptable. She shouldn't have done that, and at the very least she should have told you the truth and/or invite you along. I would bring it up with her and she what she says but don't just let it fly.

    is she like this with just you or with her other friends as well?

    perhaps you should just wait for her to ask you out instead. perhaps she hasn't been free or she is just flaky with appointments. or she's just a bit of a knob.

    Ive had this as well. Specially tommrow. I need new friends.

    Friends, bah! I am moving country. Fresh start, useless bunch of no hoping friends.


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Updated: January 24, 2008
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