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Summer Job Guide for Students (and everyone)!

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    this is probably the wrong thread to post this, but I've been offered a place at a training day for an events/hospitality agency (its for the summer so thats why i've posted it here)
    the problem is their next session is next week BUT i've got college on that day. I'm also already missing college on Friday for an applicants open day at sussex university. Should I wait till the next one (bearing in mind thats the only training day on the website) or miss a whole day worth of lessons?
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    Hi guys,

    Was wondering if anyone could help me with info on TEFL over summer 2012.

    I'd like to do it but realistically will only have from about 16th June until Mid August.

    Do they run TEFL jobs for this short amount of time? I haven't found any on my online research.

    I will have a TEFL certificate by then from a weekend course.

    Any advice on short term TEFL would be fantastic.

    Also....how much time does it take to sort out the TEFL job. I may/may not be available before 16th June (depending on whether i am called for a university viva)....so if I were able to sort it out 'last minute' as it were then that would be advantageous in allowing me to potentially go for a few weeks longer.

    Hope someone can help. Apologies if I'm in the wrong thread.
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    I'm a french student and I'd like to find a job in England for this summer 2012. As the Olympic games happen in London this year, I 'm looking for a job in others cities, like Porthmouth, Eastbourne, Brighton,... .

    So, I send this message to know where I can find an accommodation, with flatmates, or in a family,... . If you know somebody who can be interessed by that, please answer me .

    I think I'll go to England from June to July.

    Thanks a lot in advance for your help

    PS : I hope I didn't make so much mistakes.
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    Check out http://www.explorelearning.co.uk/vebo/ . They have tuition centres all over the country and have extra long opening hours during the holidays.
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    anyone still looking for a summer job?
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    question about my cv, my first reference is the headteacher of my school, and I want the second reference to be my p.e. teacher (head of faculty), so what do I go ask him and what do I write on my cv?
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    How hard is it to find a job in Edinburgh, preferably the central area? I'm gonna be looking for one soon and I'm quite anxious haha
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    All these websites are mainly for uni students, im in my AS level right now and looking for a summer job prefferably in finance
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    Totally agree about using University career services to get an internship/work placement!! I also used www.targetjobs.co.uk and www.eternship.co.uk/oppswop and it counted for the most important thing on my cv, after my degree that is!
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    (Original post by harmony23)
    Substrate for dematology research :rolleyes:

    for 45 minutes and 4 tiny scars though it was quite good
    Hey, did the same thing on Wednesday haha, you do it in Salford?
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    (Original post by heavencanwait_)
    Hey, did the same thing on Wednesday haha, you do it in Salford?
    Haha, yes with Stephanie? My scars are soooo much better a year down the line. How was it?
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    (Original post by YetAnotherMember)
    How hard is it to find a job in Edinburgh, preferably the central area? I'm gonna be looking for one soon and I'm quite anxious haha
    I don't seem to be having much luck at the moment...
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    (Original post by Sianeh)
    I don't seem to be having much luck at the moment...
    haha, me neither..it's only been a few days though, so fingers crossed for us both!
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    Anyone know any good summer jobs in Brighton?

    <3 x
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    I'm 15 and want to make money. Any suggestions?
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    Going to give my fellow generations a glimmer of hope (especially uni students coming home for the summer)

    Had an interview for Clarks today, only 4 hours at the weekend but they wanted me enough to offer me a chance of being transferred to a store close to my uni when I return and on return do shifts for them.

    ... this was 5 minutes after a pub from the "Flaming Grill/Spirit Pub" Branch gave me a job at their pub!

    Keep at it folks, I may be leaving for my 2nd year at uni in September but if they like you enough they will take you on!
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    Another thing worth thinking about: universities often need people to do casual work over the summer (e.g. catering), so try contacting your local uni for work.
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    (Original post by harmony23)
    Haha, yes with Stephanie? My scars are soooo much better a year down the line. How was it?
    Lol xD Nah was with Faisal but same department lol, thank god they get better! It wasn't too bad, the thought of £110 made it bearable lmao xD
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    (Original post by AlligatorTears)
    cheers for that man, hopefully I can get all my documents in and I'll be doing some shifts in August. Can't wait, and I'm desperate for the cash!
    What did you think of it?

    (Original post by harmony23)
    Yeah definiately, I went with a mate to one and alone to another. You end up meeting so many people anyway, Sonisphere was absolutely legendary, I was only alone when I slept!
    Have applied for this myself. Thanks for the heads up on posting about it.

    Few questions to you 2. 12 hour shifts right? How many do you do? I've been accepted for Latitude. Just need to give them a ring tomorrow. It's 7 days work so do i work every day? What is the job like? What should i expect? Do i expect to be working more than i can enjoy? Do i work on my own etc etc

    Thank you!


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