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Summer Job Guide for Students (and everyone)!

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    Ive applied for camp Beaumont, theres one really close to where i live and in the same town as my old college, so its really convenient
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    how's everyone doing so far?
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    Got the job at camp beaumont which only lasts a month, july-august; have also applied for PGL kids camps which im really keen on getting; just waiting to hear
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    Yay, great thread - thanks. Most of the shops I've tried to hand in CVs to told me it's too early.

    I'm going to go on holiday this summer for a week and a half. Do you think I should put that on my CV or wait until I get a job, tell them then and p*** them off?
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    tell them if they ask at the interview, if not i'm sure you'll be able to arrange some time off work when the time comes.
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    Okay, thanks.
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    Is it too late to apply for those kids camps now? When do they stop recruiting?
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    (Original post by rubee_red)
    Is it too late to apply for those kids camps now? When do they stop recruiting?
    Nah it's not too late, it was about this time last year I applied for a couple camps, i'm still considering applying for others even though i've applied for PGL already.
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    What do they actuallt make you do as an Activity leader ?
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    you help the kids out, sometimes monitor meals, help out the staff, take the kids on trips etc. basically taking care of the kids and monitoring them outside of class.
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    (Original post by Carlos The Villan)
    Nah it's not too late, it was about this time last year I applied for a couple camps, i'm still considering applying for others even though i've applied for PGL already.
    which PGL camp have you applied to?
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    (Original post by ~cherrykisses~)
    which PGL camp have you applied to?
    Boreatton Park
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    (Original post by Carlos The Villan)
    Boreatton Park
    kewl, ill be doing my training there and then go onto osmington bay
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    I have no experience with kids, or any of the quaifications like lifeguard, first aid etc. what are my chances of getting in to work with kids. I worked with them for 1 week in a primary school and enjoyed myself sooooo much! I really want to do somwthihg in the summer. i live in london btw. and i want to apply for the day camps in XkEYS. hOW DO i GO ABOUT it and do you really think ill get in with my kack of expereince? :s
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    you can get in, it just depends how good an impression you make. i didn't really have any experience with kids but i got offers last year.i made a good impression in the interviews and they remembered that. how to go about it is in the first post.
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    I heard around this time of the year, loadsa travel agents have temporary summer jobs going...yet, I can't seem to find any in my area. Annoying.
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    Has anyone heard back from Kids Klub?
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    I'm not really experienced at all in any sporting activities like kayaking etc do you reckon that significantly decreases my chances of getting a job within a camp? Has anyone ever got a job in one where they don't have experience of such things?
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    Here. If you can play football anad you're willing to learn why not? not all camps do kayaking and sports like that.


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Updated: July 29, 2015
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