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BAE Systems Apprenticeship

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    Hello, I'm not sure if this is in the right place but I'll it here because it looks about right.
    I am not currently a student but I wish to have a career in the Engineering industry, particularly the aerospace sector.
    Firstly a little about me and my background before I go onto my questions.
    I'm 18 and was a student until the end of the last school year after only the first year of A Levels, I left because I did not achieve and did not feel that A Levels where going to offer me what I wanted out of life because I wasn't doing A Levels I was interested in, basically it was a shambles.
    Recently whilst looking through the internet for routes to the engineering industry I came across BAE Systems Apprenticeship Scheme, after reading through what this can offer me and what I would be learning if I was to enrol on this course, I have decided that this is what I can see myself doing.
    Now here are the questions, any answers will be appreciated;
    Firstly, does anyone know if the Apprenticeship scheme offered by BAE Systems at Brough, East Yorkshire is open to people who are not school leavers and are 18?
    Secondly, is the apprenticeship open to people who don't live in the direct area of Brough? As I live in Doncaster and would travel to Brough daily if I was to become and apprentice.
    I know these questions may be very direct and there may be no one who could answer them regarding their experience with BAE Systems, but it'd be appreciated if none BAE Apprentices could answer too.
    I may have other questions later.

    Thank You,

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    this is all from memory (which isnt brilliant) so its not gospel
    im not sure of the exact age limit but you would be able to apply yea.
    its not really a closed area thing but you obviously need to be able to get there on time etc.
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    I'd e-mail BAE Systems to be honest with you - it appears no one on here has much experience of BAE Systems Apprenticeships. Send the recruitment people an e-mail asking the questions you want answered and I'm sure they will get back to you soonly.

    Good luck.
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    Has anyone applied for BAE systems at Rochester? I have applied for a technicle apprentice and have got my exam on Tuesday the 23rd of this month! Any one know what will be on the test? x


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