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AQA Physics A Module 4 Exam 21/01/08

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    So, how did it go?
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    Didn't find it particularly nice.

    There were a few easy recall questions, but that rest of it was quite demanding, I thought.

    Even Section A was quite difficult, and I don't think I scored too highly on each section.
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    That was killer. The multiple choice was alright, but the written section was just awful. I think I did enough for a B though. Just have to wait and see.
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    Yeah, I agree with you guys. That paper was ****ing hard...
    Well, gotta retake in June then!
    I have no hope of getting an overall A if this is bad, so thats my only choice.
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    Hmmm, thought it was okay; odd bits were a bit unusual but Hopefully still on an A
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    awful. multiple choice sucked and section B was a nightmare especially that electric field and resistance question. lets pray for nice grade boundaries
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    Hmm, found section A allright, but section B was horrible. First question, about stationary waves was by far the easiest. Capacitance experiment, i missed out!! Just the wrtiing bit though, not the calcs.

    I just hope I've picked up at least 12 marks on section A and 20 marks on section B. The grade boudaries should go down - previous years have been around 70% for an A. I'm just hoping for a B though.

    I just hope aqa chem will be easy tommorrow. Need an A in that!!
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    anyone know how to do that elec field question? i wrote some right rubbish alsooo, working out how many joules per kg of the reactant ?
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    Can't remember the electric field question. As for the joules per kg, I just set up a ratio and solved it. Mass of reactants in kg : Joules
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    It was pretty challenging, yeah. Made a few stupid mistakes, like I forgot that the one about jupiter was given in km not m, and I when converting from MeV to joules i forgot the M, and I couldn't remember how big a fm was. Other than that it was ok really, no problems with the multiple choice I don't think. Hopefully an A considering the previous low boundaries.
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    What did everyone get for the capacitors question? The voltage when t=0 one.
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    Could have bee worse I thought.

    Anyone interested, here is the multiple guess section (With my answers circled):

    Multiple Choice Section PDF

    Sorry for the scrumplyness (god word, eh?!)
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    (Original post by Pulkpull)
    It was pretty challenging, yeah. Made a few stupid mistakes, like I forgot that the one about jupiter was given in km not m.
    That was a bit nasty of them - to use standard form but also KM... I noticed it but only second time round. Guess fm was -15 as I knew -13 was pico, and came out right...
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    i forgot the charge of a proton...
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    (Original post by mikeleeds)
    Could have bee worse I thought.

    Anyone interested, here is the multiple guess section (With my answers circled):

    Multiple Guess PDF

    Sorry for the scumplyness (god word, eh?!)
    Oh I got some different ones to you... Crap! Don't worry, those were the ones I was absolutely clueless about so I'm definitely wrong. And one I actually got the right answer but apparently circled the wrong letter!! :mad:

    Paper was f*ing hard. I was contemplating breaking my pencil in when the examiner called "5 more minutes". Left loads of blanks in section B My teacher's right, I'm gonna get an E...
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    our multiple guesses were almost the same, except i got Boron for 15, and in a moment of mad madness got a whole wavelength instead of half a wavelength . arrgh
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    My answers to your answers seem quite similar except Q15 i put Boron.

    Was not a great exam. I thought it was way harder (section b) than any of the past papers i've done before. I was writing right up to the end which was unusual i my experience. I didn't like the capacitance question at all. Hopefully low mark boundaries.
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    Section B was the equivalent of taking a sledgehammer and mashing it into my cranium. Honestly, that was an absolute bastard of a paper, and by your answers from section A, i've mucked that up too. For 1 I put C, for 2 I put D, for 9 I put A, 10 I put B, and 15 I put C. So that's... 10/15. Considering i was hitting 13/15 in all the past papers (and trust me, i did them ALL), i'm gutted.
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    The physics paper wasn't too bad. Section A was quite easy, section B was tough but do-able. The electric field question

    When it is perpendicular:
    Force acts towards the positive plate; vertical acceleration ; therefore change in vertical velocity; horizontal velocity is constant; electron takes a 'parabolic' trajectory.

    The Jupiter Question:
    part i) F= -GMm/r^2
    F= mw^2r
    mw^2r= -GMm/r^2 (w=2pi/T)
    Rearrange and simplify to get:
    T^2 = (4Pi^2.r^3)/GM

    for the last part (mass of jupitar)...u only had to plug the numbers in and get an answer of approx. 1.3x10^27 kg

    Capacitance question part A

    Large resistance; longer discharging time; low percentage error
    Resistance of around 2000 K Ohms (as time constant will be approx. 60 seconds)
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    (Original post by mikeleeds)
    That was a bit nasty of them - to use standard form but also KM... I noticed it but only second time round. Guess fm was -15 as I knew -13 was pico, and came out right...
    Yes, I was trying to work it out but forgot about pico. I was planning to go back to it and work it backwards at the end but I didn't have a whole lot of time which is unusual. Pico is -12 by the way, but you got it right anyway!


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Updated: January 25, 2008
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