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UEA - gigs, nightlife

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    whats the stuff organised by the uni like?

    i've applied for UEA this year, and have received an offer

    really like it, but just wanted to know whether there were many good gigs/bands, and what the freshers week and nightlife is like, at the uni itself.

    anyone that goes there already?

    fill me in.

    thanks xxx
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    hi, i don't go to uea but live in norwich and often go to the uea lcr to gigs. there are some quite big names that come. i've seen new found glory, bowling for soup and ordinary boys and seeing good charlotte in april. theres also been bands like the feeling and the kooks play there and sum 41 are playing in feb. so its pretty good.
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    Loads and loads of good bands come to the UEA. www.ueaticketbookings.co.uk if you want to take a look at the current ones yourself; I believe they've also got a full list of bands that have played there since ~1970 as well.

    Personally I've seen the likes of Bloc Party, Ash, Bloodhound Gang and The Feeling at UEA and have got tickets for The Hives. Recently they've had Faithless, Kasabian and The Stereophonics but the tickets for those sold out veeery quickly
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    that sounds awesome, are you at the uni? what course are you studying etc.

    im so scared about university! but so excited!, accepted my offer today xxx
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    Yeah, I'm in my second year of Computer Science. I lived local before coming here (about 25min away by car) so know the area pretty well and still chose to stick around so it can't be that bad :p:
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    you probably know better than anyone then! i looked at the gig list, and there are some bands id love to see. shame im not starting earlier! xxxxx
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    UEA is my first choice and a lot of bands i like often play at UEA on tour!
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    don't go to UEA, but live in the area. And been to loads of gigs at the UEA campus, seems pretty good to me
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    No bands that I like have played there since I got here, and I find the LCR horrid. But I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
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    Gig wise you should be fine between the waterfront and the LCR.

    As for university hosted events, they get a bit repetitive after the first semester, but it's cheap. That said, there are plenty of different clubs in Norwich with a variety of music.

    Mercy/Optic - for general pop/club music.
    Po Na Na's - for more dnb/dubstep/etc.
    Squares - for proper cheese

    Not sure about liquid and mustard but ya.. lots of good clubs out there for when the LCR bores you. Also, I'd suggest going out a lot for freshers week, even if its like three days long
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    Hi there,

    If you like live music then to be honest there are only two other universities in the country that compare for gig, UEA simple has LOADS of gigs and big name one at that.

    the LCR (that the main campus club) host you standard indie/rock/pop gig (but also metal/folk... you get the idea) for band that fill 1500-3000 capacity venues... i.e. bloc party, NME tour, lemar, sum 41, down and even blondie!!

    the waterfront (union run club in town) hosts more metal/rock gigs for smaller tours (<1000 capacity)

    but as i said there are simple loads of them, so if that is a major fact (which for some including me, it is) i can't recommend it enough!

    hope that help!
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    Oh my god.. Alphabeat!

    Looks like they get some dead good bands.. and they're such good prices too!

    ...liking UEA atm, haha.
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    We are holding our first Black History month in October, and we have meetings planned, but also a night of music, 2 film showings and many things happening in the evenings. So do come along to some of those, and if you want to help at all, please do contact me.

    Also, for the people who want to get involved in the union, the few who can be bothered, students are all welcome to union council which meets on Thursdays every fortnight and goes on often from 7pm-10pm. Not the most invigorrating idea of time for everyone, but if you want to get involved with the behind the scenes work of the union, you can come here.
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    Isn't black history month in February...
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    Hey anyone starting UEA this September fancy adding me on facebook or something..i wanna get chatting to people who are going xx
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    (Original post by KimS)
    Hey anyone starting UEA this September fancy adding me on facebook or something..i wanna get chatting to people who are going xx
    Join someof the Facebook groups. There are a few for UEA 2008 entry so you could add people from there!
    What are you going to study?
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    (Original post by Timmaah)
    Isn't black history month in February...
    Nope. February is LGBT History month. x
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    Aaah k, seems that U.S and Canada celebrate it in February whereas UK celebrates it in October. Fair enough.
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    (Original post by Timmaah)
    Aaah k, seems that U.S and Canada celebrate it in February whereas UK celebrates it in October. Fair enough.
    Ok. If you want to help please let me know. x
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    also a small secret, there are sometimes a small number of concert tickets kept behind for students at the ticket office, generaly for the more popular bands. so even when it says on the website that stuff's sold out it's worth wearing your uea hoody and smiling sweetly just incase they have any left


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