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How much money can you take out of a cash machine?

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    Got to pay a lot for something tomorrow and was just wondering if I should go and get some of it now and the rest tomorrow or if I'll be ok getting it all out tomorrow.. So how much can you take out of a cash machine at a time? Thanks x
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    I think it's about £500 in the ones I've seen.
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    some have a limit of £300 and some have one for £500 so best thing to do it to go at about 11.30 pm and then draw out maximum and then wait for like half hour and take the other £500/£300!!
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    It depends on the account, my business one lets me draw out £500 where as my personal one is £250.
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    ALso, make sure you go outside a bank or something and not inside a damn shop coz they dont really carry that amount of money plus they charge you like £1.50 dont they !
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    One of my accounts lets me draw out £350 a day, the other is £500 a day. It depends on the bank and type of account you have.
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    So if I go tomorrow morning and draw out £200 in a couple of hours I will be able to draw out another £200 or should I go now and then draw the rest out in the morning? Thanks x
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    mine is £250 and i thought that was stadard for normal bank accounts

    go now and get 200 and then 200 tomorrow morning

    i owudlnt risk tyring to get out 400 in one day - otherwise u will need to go ot the bank if it doesnt work in cash machine
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    Both my lloyds and natwest accounts only allow me to withdraw £250 from a cash machine a day, even at different times within the day. If you need more you can go to the bank and get it out of the account over the counter.
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    Mine's £300. Lloyds TSB are still at £200 for some accounts. Why don't you just leave the money in and use a debit card instead (or is it not a shop)? Safer option if possible.
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    If you need to do this often, you could go to the bank and have the limit changed.

    When getting my Visa Electron some time ago, they asked me what I wanted the limits etc to be...
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    £250 on all my accounts. I remember it used to £50. What was hellish.

    Can't you just go to a bank? You can withdraw as much as you please that way.
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    £300 on my account per day.
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    Alliance + Leicester & Nationwide only let you take out £250 per day.
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    Ah, i was trying to find out how much i could take out, by looking on the hsbc website, come here and theres already a thread, poifect

    What happens if i try and withdraw £300, but my limit is £200 or £250? Will it say it cant be done, or give me £200 or whatever,
    Also, if it says it cant be done, can i then just withdraw a smaller ammount straight away, or do i have to wait or something?
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    mine is £300 (barclays)

    if you try and draw out more than your limit, it just tells you it can't be done and to try another amount (think it says "insufficient funds" or something to that effect).
    So then you just have to put in a figure that is no higher than your limit, and it'll give you that.
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    my card has a daily limit, your best bet is to go to your bank... if you can get there... if not key in the amount you want and hope for the best!
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    May sound somewhat strange, I am new to this whole banking thing! But what do you need to get money out of your account? Thanks
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    You can take out more over the counter, but there is still a limit.

    Halifax lets me take out £250 from a machine but £1000 over the counter in any one day. If I want to take out more I have to give them 2 days notice, and bring a form of ID (I used passport)


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