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Wearing nappies at 18

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    Please keep anonymous because I know people on here.

    Basically my problem is that I still wear nappies at the age of 18. The reason this has happened is because as a child I wasn't toilet-trained and so was still wearing nappies by the time I was 7 or 8 because I kept soiling myself. By the time I learned to use the toilet it was kind of too late because I had got so used to wearing nappies, and I knew nothing else. I have tried every other kind of underwear available, you name it: boxers, y fronts, even a thong, but the thing is i have got so used to wearing nappies anything else is just so uncomfortable.

    Now I really think it's got to the point where I need to do something, because I think it is holding me back. I have never even kissed a girl and I'm worried about doing anything more than that incase she thinks it's weird that I still wear nappies. Girls would you find this weird? Please be honest. Please give me any advice you can. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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    It's weird, stop wearing nappies
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    Maybe you should go see your GP and see what he/she can do for you
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    so do you have a physical need for them or is it purely because you nevert learnt?
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    Definitely go see your GP. ASAP.
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    I hope you don't mind me asking, but why did your parents never teach you?
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    Read up on how you toilet train a child, and go through it yourself.

    Or see your doctor as others have said.
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    (Original post by Jillie Boe)
    I hope you don't mind me asking, but why did your parents never teach you?
    Yea, I am wondering that too........however I do know someone who come from a disturbing home and hasn't been trained basics for everyday living, ie hygiene, controlling bowels and so on. He is now is foster care and being takin right back to basics.
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    :troll: Seriously?

    If it is true, which is unlikely, u should know its weird and that a girl would find it weird
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    also you say you have tried wearing underwear of all different varieties, howsabout not wearing underwear at all, ive tried that (although i dont do it a lot but would be a better option than nappies) its pretty comfortable and i know a few mates who have done the same. Always worth a go lol.

    P.s going commando isnt weird either is it?
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    This is clearly a joke.
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    See your GP, and sort your self out, just because its comfortable does not mean stick with it! I threw my dummy out ages 5, dusnt mean i want it back.

    Do you actually use the nappy or just wear it?

    Try tight boxers and get a hold of youtself, don't let this get past 18. Life will become difficult with a nappy.
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    Why would girls find it weird? They have no right to! Many girls wear nappies until their late 40s. :rofl:
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    This problem is not as rare as you might think. I know somebody who suffered the same thing. I suggest the mods do some research into the poster before automatically assuming it is a troll. However in the case I knew of it was purely medical.
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    I think you should ask your GP though, because when the **** hits the fan it'll be you who suffers in the long run.
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    How can you walk around stinking of piss and ****?

    If you see this as a problem, do something about it...fight the urge to go back to nappies. If you can't, go seek help.
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