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What to wear with jumper dress?

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    Just wanted some advice from you fashionistas.

    Basically, i live in jeans. Jeans jeans jeans jeans jeans and trainers. In an attempt to break out of the mold i bought a dress very similar to this the other day.

    I'm going to wear it with thick black tights (or coloured possibly) and pumps or boots. But what sort of jacket should i wear? It doesn't look right with my winter coat, but it's far too cold atm to wear just that. So has anyone got any suggestions for cheap-ish (the cheaper the better) jackets/cardigans/coats that would keep me warm whilst wearing it.

    I'm a large-ish girl (size 16) with big boobs, dunno if that makes any difference but thought that maybe it might. I've also got short spiky dark brown/plum coloured hair.

    Ta in advance.

    Have you tried wearing a long sleeved top underneath it? It depends on what your jumper dress is like though, as to whether a long sleeved top would work. Jumoer dresses are hard to get a jacket to go with them, as they can often be bulky which is why wearing something underneath is usually your best bet.

    It's actually really nice if you wear a bright blue long sleeved top underneath and bright blue tights!
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    Ooooh good idea thanks. The thought of wearing something underneath the dress hadn't even crossed my mind.

    Looks like i'm going to the shops to see if i can find owt tomo. Ta

    I usually wear my jumper dresses with a tailored coat. I have a smartish winter coat that goes well, or like a simple mac.

    You could try one of those long belted cardigans?

    I wear an american apparel bodysuit under jumper dresses (the ones which are leggings and a top), they look good because the colours are bright and they keep you warm and you don't worry about the knit being a bit see through either. That way you don't worry about not having a smooth line under the dress like would happen with a top or tights under it.

    zara and other places like that have cardigans on offer right now, that would go well with it. and definitely black tights, i wouldn't do colour if i was you. A nice patent black or red belt would look fab around your waist with that. As for jacket - try and find a cardi that is thick enough to wear with one of your jackets if the coat doesn't go. i wouldn't bother buying a whole new jacket just for one dress. cardis are great though, you can wear all you summer tops in winter and just layer the cardi over the top, so it's a good investment. H&M had/has some nice thick winter ones.


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