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AQA Unit 2- National Economy

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    Is this unit really this hard. I found Market failure quite easy, but this unit is seriously difficult. Is there any advice anyone can give me?
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    easy stuff mate, just have a broad view on the economy, as its macro not micro. Always compare back to your 4 objectives. The only section i found a little intimidating was balance of payments, but its all good
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    Hehe...I couldn't stand the National Economy last year!

    I remember when my exam came around I knew it was going to be terrible!

    But...I ended up doing better in it that in my other module...I think that happened because if you have the teeniest little bit of economic theory in your head...and you can find a way to apply it to a real life situation...you're off to a cracking start!

    I think you just need to have really good notes...and a lot of luck!

    I did CCEA Economics but I'm totally willing to help you if you need any! Just add me to msn and we can talk about things if you like (I found that that helps too with Economics!)

    Good Luck!
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    Thanks guys, I don't actually find it hard anymore, in fact it is easier than Unit 1: Markets and Market Failure. It just requires a bit of common sense that's all.
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    Nahh surprisingly enough, with my class this was the one everyone did pretty well in!
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    Yeah.. everyone expects it to be quite hard but its surprisingly straight forward and most people do better in this unit than unit 1.
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    Does anyone have the January 2012 nation economy aqa multiple choice questions? (need it for revising macro) thankx in advance


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