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    Welcome to the new forum for universities in London. This forum is for discussion about universities and higher education colleges in London, though if a uni or city has its own subforum please post in there.

    So, which unis are in London and which have their own subforums? Click on the uni names to be taken to the right forum for each uni or college. There are also links to the wiki page for each place too!

    There is often an indignant clamouring in these parts of "Where is a subforum for my university? It's so big, it's ridiculous there isn't one! Give us a subforum!!!!"

    If we don't have a subforum for your university, it's nothing to do with it being too small, not prestigious enough, or mods having some irrational prejudice against your university. TSR adds university subforums one by one on basis of demand (not meaning demand it and we'll give you it!). Empty subforums do more harm than good to a forum, so we don't want to add forums that won't be used.

    If you want a subforum for your university, do the following:

    • Post a thread in here to gather interest.
    • Get the names of ten active posters (i.e. that have over 100 posts) that will use the university subforum
    • Post this list in the Ask a Mod forum and ask nicely
    • Wait for the admin team to consider your request

    Your university belongs in this forum if it is in the green area of this map

Updated: February 12, 2008
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