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Ever wanted to be a hitman/sniper/assassin?

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    What the hell, these are jobs too and someone has to do them. Even one of my "dreams" (you know, the far-fetched ones that will hardly come true but are so cool XD) is to become a hitman...

    Im just wondering, what do you need to do in order to become one? I can imagine how it works in army (trainings, specialisation, rankings etc) but Im thinking more of the line of some intelligent services/secret groups/organizations/......mafia

    Does anyone has anything on this subject (url, books, articles...)

    Have you ever wanted to be one? (I wonder how much they earn....)

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    Well, if you did become one, you wouldn't be allowed to discuss your career on the internet unfortunatley.
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    ^^ lol

    Yea I'd love to be someone like James Bond (He's definately my idol )
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    No.. but actually it sounds a good profession
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    apparently they tend to recruit from the oxbridge maths graduates...
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    I find it brilliant that this is in the "Careers" section. Only on TSR! :tsr2:
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    yeh i always wanna be one and they send you around the world to do missions for ur country just like computer games
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    I couldn't be a hit-man/assassin, but I would love to be a sniper, either in the armed forces or in an organisation like MI6 or the armed response for the police. Sniper would be fun. :p:
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    Yeah, this profession has definately some serious "downs" and yeah, I can just imagine talking about jobs XD

    Jason:Could you believe it?! They assassinated the president. Who in the world could have done that?
    AdamH...yeah...really?..thats-thats really horrible...
    Jason:Oh, yeah, you were on vacation...no wonder you hear it from me now.
    Adam:...yeah...it was...great.....>.>

    And thanks for keeping this a bit light-hearted (I was afraid of getting some really serious replies and whatnot)
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    wtf i read the title wrong, I dont wanna be a hitman !

    I thought u meant like james bond, license to kill to save the world from the bad people
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    Erm no not really. I suppose Daniel Craig's bond girl wouldn't be so bad but that's not really the same thing, huh?
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    I love the film Mr & Mrs Smith. I think I'd make a rather good Mrs. Smith type assassin.
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    Kinda sounds like you wanna be a terrorist to me.... as hitmans are classed by governments. Under new legislation by our lovely government you could have SO19 burst through your door and have you done for being a terrorist :P
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    Good to see the nice people of TSR don't have a problem with murdering another human being.
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    Not really, but someone like 'Andy McNab' or some SAS equivalent would be awesome.
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    (Original post by kiki-monkey)
    Im just wondering, what do you need to do in order to become one? I can imagine how it works in army (trainings, specialisation, rankings etc) but Im thinking more of the line of some intelligent services/secret groups/organizations/......mafia
    The secret services have a graduate programme for agents. It used to be all cloak-and-dagger, with Cambridge being famous for using tutors to recruit undergrads, however now it's all application. However you're not allowed to tell anyone you're applying (or if you work there), and references are all general civil service ones. The SIS recruits through the fast stream (http://www.faststream.gov.uk/index.asp?txtNavID=82) and there's information on both theirs and the security service's website. But in none of these would you be a sniper or an assassin. Those would be purely military.

    The only other way of doing things like this is joining the army, and perhaps later specialist corps. Ask in the army subforum if you're interested in this.
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    I would love to become an assassin but I like to laugh so i prob would start laughin on the job and get caught therefore killed myself.
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    (Original post by fabulous_darling)
    I love the film Mr & Mrs Smith. I think I'd make a rather good Mrs. Smith type assassin.
    So good at what she did that she had lived for quite some years with her husband yet had absolutely no idea that her husband had a similar profession.

    Way to go Mrs Smith :rolleyes:
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    Mossad might recruit. Are you Jewish? :P
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    (Original post by PeeWeeDan)
    Mossad might recruit. Are you Jewish? :P
    Ooh Mossad, my favourite topic (Or at least Ive ed some really good espionage novels about it )

    Actually, I was wondering about filling out the form thats on their site -just for fun- , and to see if they would answer (probably not, but what the hell )....but then I realised that some lines just aren´t meant to be crossed.....

    -steph- I would end up the same Im afraid


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