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Porn on ITV

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    My friend was just on ITV online and he was going to watch a clip, first it asked him to install the DRM Certificate thing to play it, then he clicked play - and some porn popped up!

    He swear he has never been on that before, he even called me through to see the screen, and the weird thing was, the "bits" were censored, it was just a still image.

    Very ****ing weird.

    probably just spyware

    lol bangbros. Good times

    Are you sure the pc you are using doesnt not have any viruses or spyware. Sometimes programs installed with spyware can launch loads of adult material that you didnt want

    No good likes!

    Maybe he was having a sneaky one earlier in the day, forgot to close the window and was "surprised" two hours later when he accidently switched to it again. And as for the censoring - they say masturbation causes blindness.

    thats such a rumour, masturbations normal and healthy.
    Why would masturbation be any different from sex?

    And ITV should show porn.
    Better then the normal rubbish they churn out everyday

    Quite. Maybe they wouldn't be a loss-making company if they did?

    (Original post by Rubix)
    thats such a rumour, masturbations normal and healthy.
    Of course it is. I was just trying to make a joke. :cry: I'm sorry :cry:


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Updated: February 19, 2008
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