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how long does it take to process a new provisional licence

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    hi, I've just sent off for my first prov licence a couple of days ago, how long will it take to get done. Plus any body recommend driving schools in london which are not too expensive or you had a good experience with?
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    mine took about 2 weeks iirc. it can vary though depending on time of year etc.
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    Where abouts in London are you? Saying London is a bit general. Think mine took about 2 weeks to come through too, it certainly wasn't as long as they said it would be, but it depends how busy they are.
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    Normally two weeks I think.

    I just rememberd I need to fill and send mine off!
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    Yeah, I'd go with the figure of about 2 weeks - it could've been longer/shorter than that though. :confused:


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