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    Hello one and all,

    I've posted on here before and I know there have been other discussions around this subject but I thought I'd try and get some fresh opinions based on my own personal circumstances.

    Basically I was offered a position with a Big4 firm but turned it down to do a graduate scheme in the finance department of a fairly big company. This company will fund and support me through either CIMA or ACCA and I need to make a decision about which I want to do.

    I know I won't be wanting to work for an accountancy practice in the future however I may want to work for myself doing the accounts for small businesses, and would definitely want to keep the option open to do some consultancy work somewhere down the line.

    In addition I'd like to be a Finance Director one day. I don't know how realistic this is but I want to make sure the qualification I choose gives me the best possible chance.

    OK so here's what I'm thinking at the moment...

    They are both good qualifications however I can see a lot of Finance Director jobs that state ACA/ACCA only but next to none that state CIMA only. Regardless of whether the qualifications are better this is swaying me towards ACCA as more of the top jobs will be available to me. What do people think about this?

    In addition I believe ACCA is more globally recognised meaning if I ever wanted to emigrate this would be possible.

    In conclusion I am getting the impression that most jobs that would take someone who is CIMA qualified would also take someone who is ACCA qualified. However the reverse is not true and because of this ACCA would be best.

    Comments, opinions and people disagreeing with me are all welcome as I want to ensure I make the right decision.

    Well I've only heard of ACCA, and from the points you've made ACCA seems like the obvious choice.

    definitely do ACCA.
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    Can someone please disagree with me and say CIMA is best??

    I pretty much have my mind set upon doing ACCA and it would be good if someone could put up the best possible argument for doing CIMA and then if I still felt ACCA was the one I could be truly certain!

    the prob with CIMA is you cant audit and it restricts you out of that market straight away ! so its a little bit of a downer but still a great qualificiation

    ACCA is the better option, there is a very tricky sticking point here in that most of the Finance Director jobs that ask for ACA/ACCA were expecting you to have gained those qualificaitons in practice(as that is primarily what they're for), so even with ACCA you might not have the right background to ever reach Finance Director. Most people start their careers in practice then move to industry.

    i would probably do cima as its more industry based so i feel id be more interested in this and do better i.e. pass, re you cant audit companies with cima, ur doing it to work in big firms not to go there and audit their accounts!

    hey, can someone tell me i want to maybe get into analysis work can you do this we ACCA or is it best to just do CIMA

    and how hard are the exams like did anyone fail them? or find anything really hard about each one?

    Analysis work is a bit vague, but you will do analysis work whether you go into practice or industry, although they won't have too much depth. I personally would go for ACCA, you can still do management accounts if you are ACCA qualified, but it's a bit harder to go into practice with CIMA.


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Updated: December 4, 2008
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