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Manchester Vs. Bristol Vs. Leeds ?

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    I am an international student applying to the University of Manchester, University of Bristol and University of Leeds for their programmes in Economics and Economics/Finance respectively. I know that Bristol is academically superior to the other two but is this difference such noticable or will a Manchester/Leeds graduate have the same job prospects to a graduate from Bristol? I have already got conditional offers from Manchester and Bristol and really do not know what to choose. How would u compare these cities when it comes to social life , nightlife/clubbing, university life and activities, accomodation etc... ? The job prospects are very important for me but I'm also looking for a place where I will have fun during my studies. I love going out and meeting new people, which city is best for that ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Manchester boasts its high employability rate for degree holders, and the night-life there is a fabulous. I imagine Leeds and Manc are similar academically, but having visited both cities I would say Manchester has got much more of a vibe to it- boasting "more clubs per square mile than any other city in the UK [inc. London]". But they're both great universities...
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    bristol seems to be your best bet.
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    Leeds and Manchester are both packed with students and have a great nightlife. Definitely more fun that Bristol! I can say that cos I'm at Leeds now, two of my best mates are at Manc and my sister went to Bristol. lol.

    And Bristol is more prestigious, but Leeds and Manc are both still really good (Russell Group) and I doubt it would affect employability THAT much.

    As for which between Leeds and Manc, well...I dunno, they're both really fun and sociable. But I have to say - the Manchester campus is non-existent (its just buildings along a road), whereas the Leeds campus is so lively (and still very close to the city centre). Plus our union is AMAZING! All my Manc friends were so jealous when they saw it haha. Then again, their city is bigger and probably better so...There's really not a whole lot in it, your call!


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