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Volunteer placements for under 18s

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    i hope there haven't been too many threads like this...if there are i'm sorry!
    but basically, i'm in year 12, and really want to do some sort of volunteer placement, either abroad or in the uk, this summer. the problem i'm finding is that i'll only be 17, and alot of places seem to need you to be 18.
    i'd ideally like to do something with people - like orphanage work, working with disabled people, etc. i was basically just wondering if anyone knows of, or has done, any voluntary work like this where being 18 wasn't a requirement? thanksss
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    I think if you want to do it in the UK, you don't really have to be 18. That depends on what you want to do though. Helping out in your local charity shop etc. should be ok. However, if it's abroad, it's not really that easy. You are aware that volunteering, in most cases, cost a lot of money, right?? I have tried looking around a bit for you, but my internet is not in a great mood...
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    www.vitalise.org.uk takes some under 18s I think.
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    I spent last week at Skylarks (a Vitalise Centre) in Nottingham, working with disabled adults. I am 17 and the under 18 places do get booked up fast, but I had a great time and I am looking to go back as soon as I can...
    If you want any more info.. i'll do what I can...
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    evilsheep, thanks, that was good of you - i'm realising pretty quickly that volunteering is pretty expensive - i found something that sounded ideal but was £1500, which was a bit above budget! and for a lot of cheaper things, you need to be 18...thanks for the help there tho.
    mandy, thanks for the link, and gillsfan, that's great to know you were able to go and do it, what sort of things did you do there? i've emailed them to see if i'd be able to go there....thanks a lot for all the advice.
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    Vitalise have five holiday centres for disabled people, and the one in Cornwall also takes people with learning disabilites. Under 18s aren't allowed to do any personal care, but you will help out on trips/serving meals/joining in with evening entertainment etc. I've been to three of the centres (Sandpipers, Netley and Churchtown) and Churchtown is my favourite - you do different shifts there, so some days you go on trips, some days you don't start until 2pm and some days you help out in the day centre so there is a bit more variety.
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    does anyone know if there are any volunteer placements for under 16s?
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    you could always email Vitalise and ask if they take on under 16s... I know that when I volunteered at a centre last month the youngest there was 16, but I'm not sure whether this is because that is the minimum age...
    let me know how you get on =]
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    i think i-to-i and statravel have some specialist volunteering abroad for 16-19 year olds. i know someone who went to like a animal sanctuary in south africa when he was 17
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    hey for the last two summer holidays i have done volunteering work wor the Princes trust summer club programme it involved mentoring you people with learning difficulties you work on a one to one basis with the clients some children are two carers to one child but most are one to one, I was 16 the first year and 17 the second they do take volunteers that are 15 but not under that, it was really fun and it may sound a bit scary that your on a one to one basis but there is always support advice help and encouragement there if you need it. I loved it and would jump at the chance to do it again but unfortunately you can only do it for two years so i'm now trying to find something different to do this yr, i'm hoping to volunteer in the summer club scheme in a local SEN school but not sure if i am able to yet. GOOD LUCK hope it helps!!!
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    Back up trust youth courses, working with the spinally injured.
    They last a week and i thought it was amazing.
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    (Original post by Crystal Snowflake)
    Back up trust youth courses, working with the spinally injured.
    They last a week and i thought it was amazing.
    I've just been looking at the Back Up Trust - could you tell me a bit more about what you had to do etc? Does it matter if you don't have much experience of outdoor activities?
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    (Original post by ~ Mandy ~)
    I've just been looking at the Back Up Trust - could you tell me a bit more about what you had to do etc? Does it matter if you don't have much experience of outdoor activities?
    Soz took me ages to reply.
    Did loads of outdoor activities from sailing to abseiling and hand-cycling and chair sports and stuff. Was a great time. There are also qualified carers there so your not expected to do anything care-wise.


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