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Essay Q help plz

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    This is for A2 theory and methods module. I'm kind of stuck on this essay. Any help really appreciated!

    q) Assess the sociological impact of differing typesof research from a thoeretical perspective.

    I am just wondering is it a Social Policy essay? As in Sociology and Social Policy, its one of the units in A2 theory and methods.
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    nope,it's not a social policy essay. :/

    Well, I would basically just talka bout how different theory perpsectives use different methods. (I did this module in january so therefore I have forgotten it :P). Positivism vs Interpretivism. Functionalists, Marxists etc who all like Positivist methods (bar the Neo-marxists). And then the Interactionists etc, who prefer to use qualitative methods. Any help? Sorry if it's not! lol

    Intro: Types of methods there are.....start by mentioning qualitative and quantitative data, secondary and primary....and then mention positivist and interpretivist and briefly which methods they support and say how that has had a impact on the sociological theories......Structure vs Agency....(mention all these points briefly)

    Paragraphs: then the points you have mentioned in your intro develop them and bring in studies to illustrate your points...bring is objective/subjective, ONTOLOGY (What do we believe exists?), EPISTEMOLOGY (How do we need to study our subject matter)

    Conclusion: puritans and pragmatists debate.

    this would roughly be my plan...sorry if it is a bit confusing, ignore it if it is really confusing.

    Was this a question dreamed-up by your teacher?
    Please say you copied it down incorrectly...

    I can honestly say I've no idea what the "sociological impact" of a type of research could possibly be (let alone from a "theoretical perspective") - the question makes no sense to me at all.

    I would really love to know, at some point, what your teacher expected you to write for this.



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