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hiccups and..bread

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    Of late, I seem to be getting bouts of hiccups immediately after eating bread (or any flour-based product for that matter, cake etc)

    Does anyone else get this :s:

    Is it a known condition, or am I just weird.
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    I'm more likely to get hiccups after eating bread and then drinking something really fast... I never thought it was odd- I hope not anyway!
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    I always get hiccups after eating bread, especially if it's warm. The best way of getting rid of hiccups is to put your fingers in your ears, and take a huge gulp of water. (Obviously have the water in your mouth first, then put your fingers in your ears and swallow, or use a straw). It's never failed me yet!
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    Sometimes I get hiccups if I eat bread too quickly or eat too much bread.
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    yup i get that too, but with starchy stuff not floury stuff
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    I always get hiccups after bread!! Eat it slower, or drinking something in between bites usually helps.
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    Yeahh I always get this when eating a hot cross bun! x
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    OMG i thaught i was a freak, i always get hiccups when i eat toast in particularly, but i love toast, but hate hiccups, its annoying
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    I don't know about the bread thing, but my fail-safe way of stopping hiccups is to drink water backwards:

    you have to fill a cup not too far off the top, and lean over a sink. Then tip the cup so your lips go onto the FAR side of the cup, and take a sip. Don't know why it works but it does! I think someone told me it was something to do with concentration...
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    i always get hiccups after i eat rice


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