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Fancy dress ideas!

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    Just wondered if anyone could think of any fancy dress ideas for 5 girls. We haven't been particularly productive so far in our ideas! We have... nautical, armed forces, pirates, bad fashion taste, animals and disco/motown (it's that genre of music that'll be on).

    does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks so much for any replies!

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    Cheerleaders! I went round Newcastle with a few girls dressed as cheerleaders at the weekend. 'Twas very good night out.
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    oh wow! That sounds fun! I'll definitely throw that one into the forum Thanks a lot

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    2 of my friends are having a joint fancy dress party and the theme is the letter 'A', so far people are going as angels, Audrey Hepburn, army themed, Americans, apples, Alice In Wonderland, alcoholics, etc etc. I'm going as Amy Winehouse this kind of theme is pretty cool because it just throws up loads of mad ideas.
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    Oh that's a really good idea too! And it lets people choose as well depending on their tastes... Ha ha! I bet Amy Winehouse will be fun to dress up as! Just don't risk taking any mock cocaine out, maybe! lol could get you in a bit of bother! :p:
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    you could go as different cheeses. That would be original
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    (Original post by Llamaaa)
    you could go as different cheeses. That would be original
    Ha ha! Definitely original!

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    Go as a group of burlesque dancers, I got my whole costume in primark for less than £10 (minus the shoes, but everyone has a pair of heels right?)

    I went as one for halloween and it was brilliant, such a cool costume- even if I was freezing!
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    mountain goats
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    (Original post by louisedotcom)
    Go as a group of burlesque dancers, I got my whole costume in primark for less than £10 (minus the shoes, but everyone has a pair of heels right?)

    I went as one for halloween and it was brilliant, such a cool costume- even if I was freezing!
    Ah what a great idea! And cost-effective too! lol Luckily we'll be indoors for all the evening, so cold *hopefully won't be a problem! Definitely one to throw into the mix- thanks

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    Spice Girls
    Moulin Rouge/Burlesque - little tutus/hotpants/corsets/feather boas etc
    Bunny girls
    Superheroes - supergirl/wonder woman/Mrs. Incredible/Batgirl/Catwoman/Kill Bill
    Fairies - to make you all look like a group, you could try having the same outfit (ie a little dress with a fluffy trim or something) in different colours.
    Pick an era, ie 80s - neon colours, slogan vest tops (Drop beats not bombs type things that were about a while ago), loads of cheap bright plastic jewellery!
    Beach babes/Hawaiian girls
    Tennis girls - mini white ra-ra skirts, pastel colour polos, sweatbands etc
    Pyjama party - all go in cute pyjamas, with curlers in your hair/eye masks on your head, carry a teddy/hot water bottle etc.
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    Police officers; there were loads of girls at my school who went as that for Halloween. And they all had their names on the back of their shirts

    or....insects yeahhh....
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    Go as 'Disney princesses'. You know, Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, etc
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    What about all going as the Pink Ladies from Grease?
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    Cave girls?
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    greek muses!
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    You could go as the 5 platonic solids; Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron.

    Bet no one's done that before. Though there's probably a good reason they haven't...
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    Ha ha! Some fantastic (and *very* original ) ideas out there!, thanks for all your ideas!
    The current idea is choosing a letter, and dressing up as a word/character/famous person beginning with that letter (like happinessxo!). As we're going to bistro live, we're thinking letters B and L, which gives us a fair few ideas! Britney Spears (cue shaven head 'wig' and umbrella), Barbie (some tres tacky clothes, blonde wig etc) among many more

    If anyone can think of any winning words beginning with B or L, they'd really be appreciated!

    And thanks again for your help, all those people who have replied

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    Boris Johnson
    Bolivian (poncho and pan pipes )
    Bog (roll)


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