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TSR on Facebook... whatever is the world coming to?

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    What is the big deal about it? In fact, your membership will be even less significant, because there will be hundreds of thousands of people who are likely to join- not saying that you aren't special. Heck, I'll join even.
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    Facebook is popular .I join the group now .
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    (Original post by elitebag)
    Facebook is popular .I join the group now .
    same here
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    I may be the only one, but I like to keep my Facebook separate to TSR because TSR is where I say and do what I really want to; Facebook is where I have to be concerned about what my friends and peers see.

    I don't like how Facebook has become integrated with so many other aspects of the internet. (Not necessarily groups like this thread is talking about, but in general)
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    i likie facebook, and google
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    hey, could you please do this survey for me and forward the link onto any students please. THANK YOU! http://edu.surveygizmo.com/s3/828468...-Questionnaire
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    hi im new any gud tips
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    facebook is awful! D:
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    I only joined so the student room can spam over all my other apps that they post on my news feed ( EG Manga updates )
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    so hows the facebook thing coming along?
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    Alas, we needn't lose hope.
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    hi..iam a newbee
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    i dont get it why everybody is so addicted to facebook
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    hey wassup?
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    Facebook is so over-rated yet so addictive and part of everyday life!

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    Hey! Today our band will be playing in our town, and we decided to make this concert available online So watch if you are interested and share it with as many people as possible. 7pm UTC+2
    We are hard rock band :P
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    Would you mind to help me out with a few likes. A friend of mine asked me to pass this link, so we both would be really grateful if you hit the "like" button on this photo : ) ! Thanks and please, no mean comments : )

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    i will,coz its for ur own benefit.....thts if u have a gud en cool attitude 2 match up with it!!
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    Guys please help me.

    I am new to TSR and i Dont know how to start a new thread.

    thank you


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Updated: January 27, 2014
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