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Additional maths gcse?

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    I've been entered for that additional maths test.
    is there are revision guide for these tests or an old test with answer sheet?
    I really don't know what to expect on it.
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    Now, do you mean the new pilot additional maths GCSE or do you mean the additional maths thing that isn't actually a GCSE?
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    I did the Free Standing Maths Qualification, which I think is what you're referring to, and I couldn't find any specific revision guides. I used the first few chapters of an A-level Maths revision guide because it overlaps a lot with C1. Also meant I had a revision guide when I did A-level.

    Have a look at an A-level guide and I reckon you'll be surprised how much you've covered in Add Maths
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    no, the one that is an actual gcse. I think it's a pilot thing. My teacher said they introduced it because the government wanted to credit young maths people with another GCSE, seeing as English get 2 and science get 3, yet maths only get one (not including stats).

    is that other one, which is not a gcse, that one where you answer the questions on a computer? I think I'm talknig about a real gcse on a paper. I think it's new.

    We don't actually do specific lessons for additional maths. At least, not yet. my teacher said if you get an A* in regular maths gcse you should get A* in this one too. But, i'm not so sure.
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    Additional Maths FSMQ is a real exam, but it's the same format as the A-Level. Same sorts of questions, and like the A-Level all the exams are on a bit of paper and you answer in a seperate answer booklet.

    To be honest, I doubt there's a revision guide. I don't know much about the course, but I imagine that it's basically just hard GCSE stuff, probably a lot if it is what's not notmally covered until AS. So your best bet would be to look at an AS revision guide and see what that says and see if it's relevant.
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    FSMQ is soo hard. I'm finding it so much harder than the GCSE and C1 (which i've already done in nov and jan respectively). And i found them hard!
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    this one is an additional maths test, thing test i have in may/june exams. it's a pilot and from OCR. what any help? Ithink the nubmers beside it is J115 or soemthing like that anyway.
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    I was wondering the same thing, i'm also sitting the additional maths exam (the pilot one it says in my exam timetable). Has ANYONE been told what to expect in it or what the difference is?
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    There is an MEI revision website, which your school can pay money for you to login to it. Also there is a text book for the subject (FSMQ). You may be able to buy your own copy to revise from as it has the answers in the back.
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    If you're entered in the northern Ireland board (NICCEA) then there aren't any revision guides that come as a book. But on the internet there'a a website which allows you to buy a revision guide as a pdf. It's about 180 pages though so you might not want to print it The website is

    Hope this helps :cool:
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    I have found this:

    and theres a specification which tells you what sort of stuff you will be expected to know and may be examined on in the exam. It's basically what we are learning already for the other maths exams but put together and in a different style. If you take a look you can see what i'm on about

    Hope that helps!
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    Apparently Additional Maths is just the first Core of a level maths
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    additional maths is bloody hard


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