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Live Autopsy

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    I know this was on a few years ago now and apparently a few months ago on a real body shown on C4 or C5 with a German pathologist doing it?

    Anyone know what I mean? Any where I can download it or watch it online?

    Yes I'm a bit of a freak
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    Autopsy : Emergency Room

    it was called i saw them all they were really good!

    the german guy is abit annoying however!

    its worth a wotch

    try youtube!
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    Ohh yeah i watched one of those during exam season in 2005 ( my GCSEs) dare i say what he said kinda helped me in my science exam the following day lol
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    The Guy is called Gunther von Hagens
    He has several exhibitions worldwide ie Manchester in England for one
    Google it or Wiki it or Youtube it
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    I don't understand how/why people choose to watch this stuff.
    Well done to you lot for being able to stomach it!
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    (Original post by sohanshah)
    The Guy is called Gunther von Hagens
    He has several exhibitions worldwide ie Manchester in England for one
    Google it or Wiki it or Youtube it
    Yeah, I went to a Body Works one by him in Brick Lane about 5 years ago. Amazing stuff, I kind of couldn't believe that it was preserved dead people so it didn't really hit me until later on.
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    They still show a series of it on channel 4 every now and again, although it could have neded now, not sure.
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    It's on 4 On Demand, which you can download off the channel 4 website if you want to watch it. Good show!


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Updated: March 17, 2008
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