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if you live at clarice cliff...

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    hi everyone

    i've applied for clarice cliff court this year, stoke campus at staffordshire...can anyone tell me what it's like to live there? any information would be great! what does the room actually have in it, ie is it a wardrobe or drawers etc...

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    im goin to staffordshire this year

    is clarce cliff en-suit accomodation? i cant remember but thts the one ive applied for anyway.......en-suit

    what course you gunna study?
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    yeah it's en suite
    i'm studying photography, what about you?
    i can't wait!!
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    you'll have a desk with three draws, chair and a wardrobe (left hand had half has a rail for clothes whilst the right hand side has sections like shelvces). you'll also get a showeroom/toilet which has a sink & mirror... sums it up really... Clarice Cliff is very similiar to the en-suite rooms (phase 1) of stafford court.
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    thanks for that wiggler!

    i have another question (sorry if i'm being annoying lol) but are you allowed to put up posters? i know some unis don't like the walls marked
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    hmmmm, not 100% sure about this as i'm in stafford not stoke, but here they dont care and u can put up wot ever you want... and i'd say i'm 99% certain u can do the same in stoke... just be careful of the ceilings :s i can't got ruined mine the other week i got pva glue on the ceiling... then when i went to clean it off all the paint started coming off to.. god knows wtf kinda paint they're using llol.. water based or something? but yeah posters should be fine
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    lol i'll remember not to use PVA glue! thanks for you help
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    lol... well actually it may not have been pva glue... but as far as accomodation is concerned it was a pva lol!!! it mite hav been more... paintball related hehe :P
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    haha paintball related! sounds like fun
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    Im doin experimental film production

    really excited went to the open day in febuary and was like 'mate....this is quality' lol

    are you defo on the course then yeah?
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    well i've got an offer that i'm pretty much guaranteed to get the grades for, and it's my first choice so yeah lol.
    it's gonna be awesome!!
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    anyone know roughly how many people live in clarice cliff? i wanna know what my chances are of actually getting in there
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    Clarice Cliff:

    297 single study bedrooms all with en-suite facilities. Accommodation includes 13 specially adapted rooms for disabled students of which 8 are specifically designed for mobility impaired users.
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    The Cliff, looks like a really nice place to live.
    I've got friends living there and it's nice.
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    (Original post by xBeccaxxGOKx)
    The Cliff, looks like a really nice place to live.
    I've got friends living there and it's nice.
    yeah i had a look on the open day and i think it looks like a great place to live. i'm worried about my chances of actually getting in there though, because i've spoken to so many people who have said they applied for it but didn't get in. still if i don't get in i've heard nothing but good things about the leek road halls
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    Leek road is where I am now
    It is good. My house has been bad, 3 people left uni, out of 6 living in there :O
    But everyone else has amazing housemates!

    I've no idea on the chances of you getting in as I didn't apply for it. I can't remember when I got my letter about where I was living. I imagine it would be after A-Level results.
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    I saw clarice cliff for the first time the other day and it was alright actually, it's basically a mini-version of stafford court...
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    (Original post by Wiggler)
    it's basically a mini-version of stafford court...
    but with some nice trees
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    If all goes to plan, stafford court shall be pretty


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