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Pets at Home Interview

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    Hi there! I have recently applied to Pets at Home for part time work and am to attend an assessment center, which will involve group activities and a short interview. I was wondering if anyone has gone though this process before or if anyone has any tips on what the interview will be like. I already have knowledge about domesticated animals. Also if there is anyone who works at Pets at Home could give me some advice.

    Any info will be most appriciated.
    Many thanks!
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    Go to another store and talk to them about it!
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    I was thinking about going into another Pets at Home that I know of and asking them next week.
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    aww that would be such a cool job.
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    i know this is an old thread,
    but i was just wondering how you applied, did you just give them your CV? and did you know they were hiring before or was it just chance?
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    Hi there! I applied online!

    If you go here you can see the pets at home stores that are currently hiring people and you can apply online!

    I had the interview which was really fun (we had to put a rotastak hamster home together!). Annoyingly, the the store i applied to had to postpone the recrutment process due to the opening date changing, so i hope to hear something ater in the year!

    Best of luck!
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    Hello Bunny_Biscuit,

    I have a interview at Pets at Home this Sunday and I was just wondering what the interview would consist of any help would be much appreciated.

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    (Original post by laurie_68)
    Hello Bunny_Biscuit,

    I have a interview at Pets at Home this Sunday and I was just wondering what the interview would consist of any help would be much appreciated.

    Bunny_biscuit posted this in 2008 and only posted on this entire site a total of 4 times, I doubt you will get a response.

    On another note, good luck!
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    I have an interview this Sunday, any tips would be really appreciated!
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    I have a assessment in my local pets at home store this afternoon and they said on the email that they give me 5 minuets to ask them any questions but I don't have a clue what to ask? Anyone have any ideas ? Would be appreciated

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    Pets at Home are sooo ****! I have a friend who worked in a holistic base dpet shop, and had an interview with Pets at Home, but said they basically want to reteach you what you already know. i.e my friend is HUGELY knowledgeable about small animals ..rabbits hamsters cavies.. and they wanted to reteach her their care.. but that is because the standards they have for care are often more 'commercial' than care based. although of course there are industry standards to meet.

    Dont let them think you're a know-it-all, show a passion for animals and a willingness to learn.. but if they think you already know better, they are less likely to hire. I mean.. they sell horrible horrible food for christs sake!
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    hi lisa what store are you going to ?
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    Llanelli store

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    As I have one for the store in Livingston ! Good luck
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    Where there many other people in the assessment with you? There was about 30 other people in mine

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    Hi again there was about 14 we done the fish tank task which I think we all done great on then we were all given mini 1-1 interviews so yea 14 people and 3 jobs.
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    hi, i have an interview tomorrow! what's it like? any tips?
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    I received an email yesterday inviting me to meet with them next week. They say you do a fun activity, and you get 5 mins to interview them. Generally what do you have to do? What sorts of questions are they wanting you to ask ? Any tips, much appreciated !!

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Updated: August 3, 2012
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