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Which F1 driver gets on your nerves?

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    (Original post by lessthanthree)
    I think Hamilton is actually very humble. Considering everyone is putting him on this pedestal, telling him how amazing he is, it must be very hard to keep himself grounded. I think he does that spectacularly well.
    Well people do the same to Tiger Woods, I think he's still kept his composure regardless.
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    (Original post by shunter7634)
    Alonso annoys me too.

    Personally it was Michael Schumacher for just being too good. Also Webber and Button (for getting too much attention), and DC similarly.
    Michael Schumacher annoyed me so much, but I can't really explain why, not cuz he was good though, there was just something else about him. Also think drivers like Webber, Button and DC are waaay overrated and get far too much coverage! Hamilton also gets on my nerves. And well Alonso.. who doesn't he annoy :p:
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    Button and DC have been pushed into the shadows with Hamilton's arrival!
    and yeah, Alonso annoys everyone!
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    Hamilton with his constant childish and arrogant insistence to compare himself to Senna at any and every point, and then talking to the media about going to see his grave at the Brazil GP last year. What a knob.
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    oh yeah just remembered something else. When Hamilton referred to the people at the back of the grid as "monkeys at the back" i didn't find that too clever.
    bit of a slip up there..
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    I forgot to put monkey boy (Alonso)
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    (Original post by LogiVI)
    I forgot to put monkey boy (Alonso)
    how on earth could you forget him? :eek:
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    Alonso, Scott Speed and Ralf Shumacher would be the most recent annoyances.

    Hamilton doesn't get on my nerves because he does seem genuinely nice and he's a very good driver, but the mass hysteria that surrounds him annoys me. And yes I also found it odd that he wrote his own autobio at 21/22, although I still bought it :ninja:
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    ^ i have it too well one of them anyway..

    ohh and I forgot Scott Speed.
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    Alonso. Complains far too much.
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    Hamilton/Alonso *shrugs*
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    hamilton, ralf schumacher.
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    Hamilton grrr... gets on my nerves.

    no hate for Schumi yet....
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    Alonso. He even went as far as condoning the racist attacks on Lewis Hamilton, saying he brought it uopn himself
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    (Original post by 02mik_e)
    Alonso. He even went as far as condoning the racist attacks on Lewis Hamilton, saying he brought it uopn himself
    Holy crap I didn't know this!!

    My dislike for him just grew considerably ;rant;
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    (Original post by PoisonDonna)
    Holy crap I didn't know this!!

    My dislike for him just grew considerably ;rant;
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    Alonso argh! And Michael Shumacher, never forgave him for his 1995 actions wrecking Damon Hill's shot at the Championship by running him off the track. I love Damon
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    I dont believe it. Its easy to get to such conclusions when you read a few choice lines of an interview. They could have (and probably were) taken out of all context. I would want to see a full transcript of the interview before making such accusations.
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    Hamilton. Basically for being so arrogant imo and for all the trouble he's caused since arriving
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    When you scroll down there's a bit more, still not the full interview but you can gather more of a jist.


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