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Prem boss in sex video shame!!

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    Not sure If I should put it here, but it is funny


    Married coach films himself 2-timing wife

    By Keith Gladdis

    PREMIER League soccer boss Paul Jewell is today filmed scoring a shameful OWN GOAL—as he romps with a married blonde lover behind his devoted wife's back.
    The Derby County manager hits the net more times than his relegation-haunted team have managed all season in a sleazy HOUR-LONG home-made BONDAGE PORN VIDEO.

    Dad-of-two Jewell likes to portray himself as a staunch family man. And he has even bragged that he gives his players marriage guidance counselling.

    But all that is as forgotten as Derby's last victory as the portly Scouser—whose club is aptly nicknamed the Rams—pounds away at his mystery busty blonde in a series of sessions filmed in living rooms and a bedroom.

    He also videos her sprawled near-naked in graphic poses over a Mercedes.

    And before the match kick-off excited Jewell can be seen painstakingly setting up his camcorder on the sidelines, hopping to and fro as he laboriously works out his TACTICS, ANGLES and POSITIONS.
    BED CARD: Tied up and ready for away fixture
    Today the club's chairman and fans might think it's a pity Jewell didn't show the same passion for detail in his job this season.

    When it all kicks off the 43-year-old multi-millionaire:

    STRAPS his champagne-swigging lover to a bed using silk ties.

    BRINGS on a SEX TOY as a substitute when he runs out of steam.

    SLAPS her bottom and face and pulls her hair as the blonde, wearing only black suspenders, stockings and studded black boots, writhes in passion.

    KEEPS his T-shirt on to hide his overweight midfield as he goes for goal in a variety of formations.

    Here are the dramatic action replays of highlights from Jewell's sordid match away from wife Ann-Marie, 45.

    FIRST LEG: The camera pans across a living room and a beige leather sofa before focusing on the opposition—a blonde in her 30s wearing nothing but a wedding and engagement ring, black lacy knickers and bra and those studded suede boots.


    BACK OF THE NET: Cheating Derby boss films his mystery woman bent over Merc
    Jewell's trousers and pants go down faster than Derby in May (they lost AGAIN yesterday, 1-0 at Middlesbrough) before he leaps on her, rattling in goal after goal for a full ten minutes.
    Apart from little moans and grunts, his only commentary throughout the grubby proceedings is that he can hear a milkman passing outside.

    SECOND LEG: The action switches to a small bedroom with white wardrobes and doors where Jewell's girl swigs from a flute of champagne.

    After careful tinkering with the camera angle, Jewell— who is on a £1.5million per season three-and-a-half-year contract with the Rams—appears wearing a black T-shirt to cover his paunch.

    His shapely girlfriend wears expensive-looking gold jewellery, a black silk camisole, suspenders and stockings. Jewell straps her wrists to the bedposts with silk ties. He then spanks and slaps her in his bid to get her in the mood before getting down to his usual tactics.

    The soccer boss, more used to bawling instructions at his under-achieving players from the sideline at Pride Park, pants to his lover: "Do you like that?" Her non-committal reply is: "Oh ****ing hell, Paul."

    But then the former player—who turned out for Liverpool, Wigan and Bradford—starts showing a lack of match fitness as he finds it hard to keep up the pace. Showing that, despite the rough stuff, he's not without manners in the bedroom, he tells her: "I'm sweating. Be nice. Don't worry about upsetting me, tell me I'm sweating."

    Then he decides he's sweated enough and brings on a sex toy before filming himself pleasuring his lover with it.

    REPLAY: Next the video switches to Jewell making pre-match preparations for yet another sex session with his secret blonde signing.

    He is seen moving his camera into a number of different locations and even lying on the floor to check whether it will catch all the on-field action.

    FLOODLIT FINAL: Jewell's home-made video swaps to a further romp. This time in a living room lit only by a lamp, he feels confident enough to perform bare-topped. But his paunch is clearly visible as he moves the blonde about the room while having frenzied sex with her in a variety of positions, standing up and lying down on the carpet.

    FLAT OUT AGAINST GERMANY: One of the most bizarre sections of the porn video was filmed outside at night—and the main prop is a dark-coloured Mercedes.

    Jewell records his blonde lover removing her knickers and writhing on her back on the bonnet of his Merc, number plate JJB—after the Wigan Athletic JJB stadium.

    Then she spreads her legs and shamelessly begs him: "Will you **** me in daylight on your car". The noise of traffic can be heard in the background as she then flips over and pushes her backside towards his camera.

    The sordid scenes will be heartbreaking for Ann-Marie, who has stuck by the love-rat since she was 19 and he was a 17-year-old apprentice striker for Liverpool.

    She has supported him ever since and understood that his job meant he spent a lot of time away from home at dinners and other football functions.
    SEXTRA TIME: Lover on knees as Jewell stands over her during living-room romp
    Interviewed when Jewell was manager of Bradford City she said: "I never get invited but it doesn't bother me—football is a very ‘man' thing and I wouldn't want to go."

    They married in 1987 and have a 17-year-old son and a 14-year-old daughter. But the relationship was rumoured to be under strain when Jewell quit as boss of Wigan Athletic last year. Chairman Dave Whelan announced on TV that his manager had resigned after six years to save his marriage.

    He even handed Jewell a £1million bonus for his loyalty.

    Jewell claimed there was no problem at home, saying: "When I told my wife I was thinking of quitting, she was delighted. When you are working your family comes a distant second, which is wrong."

    But the News of the World revealed how Jewell had spent the night he quit drinking with a pretty blonde.

    Despite telling players he was too exhausted to carry on as Wigan boss, he was out partying with Lisa Hames, the 28-year-old ex-girlfriend of David Beckham. Jewell was even seen cuddling up to Lisa in a bar as a giant screen showed Whelan telling viewers how his former manager was fighting to save his marriage after the stresses of a tough season.

    That night Jewell didn't bother going back home—instead he went with Lisa and a pal to a flat where they partied all night.

    He has earned a fortune as a player and a manager in a career of more than 25 years. Last year he spent £1.48million on a new West Yorkshire home with acres of land and tennis court in the garden.

    And he had enough money left over to turn down an offer in November from Wigan chairman Dave Whelan to return to the club for a whopping £125,000 a week.
    WIFE: Ann-Marie

    Since arriving at Derby County Jewell has failed to turn around the form that has seen them win just ten points after scoring a paltry 14 goals. In response to the club's poor form Jewell has introduced a tough disciplinary regime. He has said he believes today's young players are treated too well.

    Jewell declared: "I told some of the young lads the other day we live in a world of X Factor and *******ing Celebrity Big Brother.

    "Nowadays people are famous for being rubbish and making fools of themselves on TV and it ****ing annoys me."

    No doubt he'll be feeling really annoyed with himself today.

    I do find it very funny because hes the Derby manager, our biggest rivals hahahah
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    wheres the video?
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    Classic case of him trying to take his mind off work... if his wife won't do it... :p:

    Just kidding. I do not condone such... filthy-two-timingness.
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    I don't know, I doubt a national newspaper would put that on the internet eh?
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    lmao at the Derby badge acting as a censor on the pics..
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    Its NOTW I wouldn't be surprised this is a normal Sunday for them.
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    "The Derby County manager hits the net more times than his relegation-haunted team have managed all season "

    Lmao I think that sums it up nicley
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    Already in UFT.
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    (Original post by 2nd2god)
    "The Derby County manager hits the net more times than his relegation-haunted team have managed all season "

    Lmao I think that sums it up nicley
    Some serious rippage there haha.
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    That's got to be true, if they were making that up they'd get sued for hundreds of thousands of pounds.
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    (Original post by NDGAARONDI)
    Already in UFT.
    In all fairness, the cheating **** deserves his own thread.
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    Already in the UFT lads.
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    "BED CARD: Tied up and ready for away fixture."

    My love for tabloids has been reignited..
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    Always thought he was one dirty northern bastard.
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    I remember watching Match of the Day a couple of weeks ago and thinking that Jewell may be having marriage problems because he was living in a flat in Derby by himself.
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    Filthy two timing little ****, not evenDerby players will respect him now!

    NOTW write the stupidest articles really but it sell for them. Meh.

    I don't think Derby will be too happy about the badge acting as a sensor and who in there right mind cheats on there wife and then films the bloody thing! He was asking for trouble.
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    (Original post by FM08)
    Always thought he was one dirty northern bastard.
    What's wrong with the North?
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    (Original post by ThrowtheJewdownthewell)
    What's wrong with the North?
    Ignore it. Southerners don't half talk some ****.


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