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Mechanical vs. Civil Engineering...

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    I have had an interest in engineering my whole life, and until recently have planned subject choices etc. around becoming a mechanical engineer. But i have recently been told by a number of sources that i am going into the wrong, a dying, industry and that i would be a lot better off going into architecture. Does anyone have an opinion on this, and also, would any of the decent unis accept me for architecture (civil engineering) without even a GCSE in geography??


    yeh ...engineering requires mainly maths and physics...and tbh i dont think u need GCSE geography anyways for engineering.
    My personal opinion on this matter is that mechanical engineering is far more of a prestigious degree than civil engineering, and I may be wrong. but thats wut I have been told by anyone I have spoken to.
    Choose wut u prefer. If u like mechanics then Mechanical it is for you.
    mostly depends on wut u love i think lol, i like mechanics so im goin for mechanical engineering

    To the very best of my knowledge, mechanical engineering is nothing like a dying industry! If you want to become a mechanical engineer, go for it - there are plenty of jobs for skilled engineers.
    However, if you have researched it properly and decided you would prefer civil engineering/architecture then fair enough - however civil engineering and architecture are very different. For civil engineering, you won't need geography and maths & physics will really be the main subjects, just like for mechanical engineering, and the course will last 3 or 4 years. Architecture, on the other hand, is a rather different field - not one which I could comment on the entrance requirements for - and requires rather longer studying (off the top of my head, possibly 7 years, but you would have to check). Make sure you are clear on which one you are interested in if you decide one of those fields interests you more than mechanical engineering.

    The preception of Mechanical Engineering being a 'dead' major stems from the death of traditional manufacturing in the North and Midlands. The fact is, United Kingdom is pretty strapped for well qualified mechanical engineers at the moment - oil and gas up north, the recent renewable energy fad (which is going to last a fair while), nanotechnology, multinationals recruiting actively...basically there are more jobs than there are qualified engineers.

    Owing to the fact that as a mechanical engineer you are going to take modules both related to civil and electrical engineering, you will be able to find work in companies/industries geared towards those two fields as well. Almost all civil engineering consultancies (and there's a ****load of 'em) have a few inhouse mechanical engineers (somebody has to design the ventilation system, carry out the material analysis, get on with vibration analysis etc.) and the same is true for a lot of corporations geared towards electronic (and even moreso, electrical) technology.

    Obviously, in the end it's up to you, but don't base your decision on false information/mistaken assumptions.

    hi.. even i m confused about mech and civil..
    I m from India and my childhood passion is to work in uk.. so i m really confused on what to choose.. which field has more vacancy and pays highest?? Civil or Mech??

    (Original post by salmanups)
    hi.. even i m confused about mech and civil..
    I m from India and my childhood passion is to work in uk.. so i m really confused on what to choose.. which field has more vacancy and pays highest?? Civil or Mech??
    It depends on where your skills and interests lie.

    If I was to say that mechanical was to pay more, it wouldn't matter if you had no interest in, say, things that move, because you wouldn't be getting such jobs anyway.

    Unfortunately, it's going to be extremely difficult for you to find a job in the UK, however.

    hmm then i will be choosing civil.. and y r u saying it ll be difficult for me to find a job in UK??

    (Original post by salmanups)
    hmm then i will be choosing civil.. and y r u saying it ll be difficult for me to find a job in UK??
    Because it's very difficult for employers to sponsor you to gain the required visa to work here now.

    What if I study my B.Eng or my M.Eng in UK. Will it be easy for me to get a job??

    Unfortunately not.

    (Original post by Smack)
    Unfortunately not.
    Hey y man?? Y I cant get a job evn if I study in UK??? I m dying to live in UK


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