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Do Nottingham (vet school!) send you something after you've confirmed your offer?

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    oooh yes please!! the thing is they might have emailed me but i've put down my school email for them to contact me and the stupid website isn't working
    single study non-ensuite - i didn't really look around the accomodation much but i think i like the old ones best - the rooms look huge!!
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    dats what ive got! I thort the extra money you pay for an ensuite isnt worth it! The rooms are meant 2 b bigger ye! The numbers 01509673750
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    cheers. which one is wymes then??
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    its no 4 on the campus map! Duno much else about it rlly! Its makin me even more excited for September! Hopefully 1na the lovely 1st years will show me wymes on the open day O:-)
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    I will show you my room and flat and on the way next to where you get into my flat you can see into your future room next year. Wymes is the building nearest the bus stop so like you can look from your window for the shuttle bus turning into the campus, then run and get it, i swear if I didn't live in wymes I would have mised that bus so many times in my drunken state.

    Downside of wymes in that you're the furthest building from the vet school (which is only like a 5-10min walk), which means you have to get up a tiny bit earlier than the people opposite the vet school. Your close to the restaurant, bar and library.
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    right im looking at a map of the campus - bit of a silly question but is barton, stanford and zouch the new ones?? just trying to remember where i looked around
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    ye they are the new ones! Aw thanx nay! Hopefully il be able 2 find you on the open day!!
    Id rather be abit away from the vet school i think...i wouldn't like 2 get up and look out the window every day to see the vet school building. I might think differently when ive got a hangover tho! haha
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    The walk does you good, blows the hangover away (...ish)
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    haha is it a muddy walk or walking down a path? Id hate to walk across loadsa grass in the pourin rain and then av2 sit in lectures all wet with a hangover! How much of a ****** am i!
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    Dont worry, its a paved road so you dont have to walk across wet grass...unless you're feeling lazy and want a short cut


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