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    Let this be the thread where we congrugate-amacate

    Any current chemistry students feel free to post up****s of what will be gwanin during freshers week etc and general advice/tips while being a chemist at ucl
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    Hey everyone! Can't wait to start in Sept. Have you sent your accommodation form off yet? My reply slip says I won't know until 5th September where I'm living!
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    im staying at home i only live round da corner!
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    Really? What's that like, forever busy surely?
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    omg what/ i sent off my accom form aages ago and didnt get a reply slip?
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    Aww Im really excited now!
    Actually thats only if I get the grades, and dont leave the house for the next few months.. but anyway.

    I really need to send the accommodation form off.. so have they started processing them now?!
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    Kind of, but I think they wait until they know for definite who's coming.

    And yeah, I need to start revising...
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    Expect to get a program through the post nearer the time (after results day) telling you what you have to do during freshers week.
    you will not be free to do what you want all week, you get a timetable of things you should attend but keep in mind not all of these things are compulsory.
    you do have to go in and have a photo taken, pay for lab specs/molecular model kits, and to register for your modules, plus a few other things.
    You will probably have to pick your optional module on the spot, I'll tell you now - physiology is incredibly boring.
    I think there are at least 2-3 early mornings during the first week, and lectures properly start the next week.
    Don't worry if you didn't do maths a level, I believe the maths for chemists unit is far better than being forced to take a unit with the maths department. and it's easy to do well in it.
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    Do you have a list of modules for last year to have a quick look over?
    I know courses change every year but Im bored.

    Also, are the options just chemistry, or can you take courses in biology etc?
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    Sorry, don't have a list but I can remember a few things..

    You have to register for the compulsory Chemistry units, worth 2.5 units in total (0.5 units each for Basic Physical, Organic and Inorganic modules, and 1 unit for the first module 'Introduction to Chemical Principles) - there weren't optional chemistry units.

    Those who didn't take maths have to take Quantitative Chemistry (basically maths) which is 1 whole unit.
    If you did take maths, then I think you are encouraged or expected to take a maths unit within the maths dept. I'm unsure if that's worth 0.5 or 1 unit. (I *think* 1 unit).

    You can take up to 4 units for year 1, so most people have only a half unit to spare.
    I would have taken Cellular and Molecular Biology, but it was worth 1 whole unit!
    You can choose Human Physiology or Mammalian Physiology.
    There might have been something Psychology related, business/management (don't quote me on these ones but I vaguely remember it), I think Archaeology...definitely one involving statistics (may've been statistical computing, but again..can't recall fully)

    Basically, they give you a list of options that can fit in with the chemistry timetable (and telling you what times/days the lectures are) and you'll more than likely end up doing it by a process of elimination by your interests and how many units you have to spare.
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    Aha! Ok, thought this would still be online


    This was the induction programme we were given last September.
    Physics of the Universe I'm not sure i remember this being on the final list we were given when we had to actually pick and Geology was definitely on the final list but isn't on this list.
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    cheers mate nice one good to have a look at the types of modules on offer!
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    the management module looks pretty good. Or i may take up french again. hmm

    what does it mean when its says: Also "for business" in French, Italian, German and

    Another thing, i applied for the plain and simple bsci but would it be possible to change to the international programme?
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    (Original post by atoms4peace)
    what does it mean when its says: Also "for business" in French, Italian, German and

    Another thing, i applied for the plain and simple bsci but would it be possible to change to the international programme?
    Regarding the first part, they mean that you can learn one of those languages in relation to business (i.e. less general and directed at using the language in business in particularl).

    If you applied for BSc and want to change, I think you'd have to talk to the departmental tutor in the first week about swapping (before you register), it is probably likely you'd be able to do so as long as your grades are reasonably good.
    I'm not sure this has an effect on your student loan this year, but remember if you do change it that you will need to notify them of a 'change in circumstance' and let them know you changed the type of course you are taking.
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    Heh they all sound so interesting - stop trying to tempt me back to my original subject :p:


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