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Psychodynamic approach evaluation

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    I am trying over easter hols to get the evaluation part of this nailed becuase I find the behavioural evaluation no my type of thing if you get what I mean.
    Does anyone have any positives/negatives.
    I am especcially looking for detailed stuff. Also how to apply it in a certain situation, I know thats tonnes o ask, I just reallt feel like this is going to be my worst one.
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    strength of psychodynamic approach
    large impact on psychology
    imprtance of childhood in later life
    improtance of unconscious
    wid applications
    therapeutuc applications
    weakness of...
    over empasis on sex
    sexist approach
    unscientific approach explains everything but predicts littke
    reductionist approach
    strengths of methods
    rich detail gained
    wealness of methods
    subjective, interpretative
    longterm time consuming
    requires interlligent and motivated individuals
    case study bias

    from page 410 of ESSENTIAL A2 PSYCHOLOGY hope this helps :-) x
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    That pretty much hit the nail on the head.
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    theres the criticisms of the therapies aswell (free association, hypnosis, psychotherapy, etc)
    that are:
    the therapists ideas cant ever be falsified
    if a repressed memory is brought up, there are big ethical implications, such as if someone else is accused of abuse - this cannot be proven.
    bringing up repressed memories could do more harm than good.
    it gives access to things that otherwise would not be available in conscious states.
    it locus of control is in someone elses hands (the parents) which could make the individual feel less to blame.
    qualitative, in depth way of exploring someones condition.
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    (im sure theres more but i cant remember it!)
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    A weakness of Freud's case studies was that he never actually spoke to children, except once which was by letter ('Little Hans') but that was to his father, who was a huge follower of Freud's work and therefore may have said things to prove his theories. We've only done Freud for the psychodynamic approach.
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    Jung - a positive for him is just that he took alot of Freuds work and took the sex emphasis out of it, and based it far more on the person. But a key criticism was that he was very very taken up with dream analysis and barely used any other methods to identify problems. and as we know dream analysis is highly flawed in many ways.
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    I wouldnt say the approach is reductionistic...
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    Remember to criticise it as well by saying that Freud initially only tested his theory on a small sample of middle-class neurotic vienesse women. Hardly representative of the general population.
    Good old Mike Cardwell and Clara Flanagan.
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    Thanks everyone.
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