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Theory test today: how far from a stopped car do you place the warning triangle?

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    Couldn't find that in me highway code (worryingly)
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    50- 150 m i think
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    isn't it 20m or something?

    I just remember it sounded excessive.

    Then again I couldn't tell you what half the road signs mean so :dontknow:
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    Personally, i'd put the bonnet up and stick the hazzards on.
    I wouldnt worry about those triangle things.
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    I read 50-75m somewhere...
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    It never came up, yahoo

    Apparently it's 45m though
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    I thought it was 100m. I'll have a butcher's.

    Nope - it's 45m, or 147 feet.

    Though I'm sure anywhere at a reasonable distance BEHIND the vehicle would be acceptable. You're not exactly gonna get the yardstick out, are you?


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