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Fancy dress theme of ''Noah's Ark''

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    any suggestions?

    and how the hell can i make myself look like an animal without looking like an idiot?
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    animal prints?

    or would that not be 'fancy dress' enough?
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    Go as a Panda. No-one ****s with Pandas.
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    I was going to say panda!!!
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    Go as the flood, wear a paddling pool. It'd be bloody hard, but so very worth it.
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    You could buy some cat ears, make a tail and put some ribbon round your neck, then dress in like black for a black cat, or leopard print?

    A bee?
    A ladybird?
    A rabbit?

    And lol at the suggestion above. It made me laugh lol.

    Ruth xx
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    Be the boat
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    Oh I know people who went to a Noah's ark party, here's a few ideas:

    - Butterfly (You can get pretty mask things, wear floral/colourful stuff)
    - Fish (Yup, didn't look to bad actually! Just wear lots of silver/shiny stuff, eye makeup)
    - The usual rabbit/cat with ears with something black + short. Think Playboy bunny =/
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    Do something funny that no one else will have thought of, like a crocodile. Don't go as a cat or a mouse - everyone will do that.
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    Which gender are you?

    If you are female, I would say a cute animal
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    a snail =D that would be rather interesting
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    yeah, im female.
    my current idea is a zebra - but im not sure...

    snail sounds amazing!
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    Go as a giraffe!! Loads of bog-roll tubes stuck together and painted with a giraffe head on the end, then wear a yellow top and tall yellow shoes!

    You said you wanted to look stupid, didn't you?

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    Miss selfridge have some lovely leapard print stuff in at the moment. You could accessorise with some ears and a tail from Claire's accessories which come in a set for about a fiver.

    Or if you don't want to go all out how about a black outfit with animal print tights and then the ears/tail?


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Updated: April 9, 2008
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