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cost of living in leicester?

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    hi all, just interested in knowing what's the cost of living like at leicester.

    according to http://www.ukstudentlife.com/Prepare/Cost.htm leicester's the cheapest place to live which is good news for me cos i'm planning to apply to leicester for history or ancient history

    so is that report accurate based on your experiences?
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    Yeah id say £135 p/w is quite accurate- although its a little more than I spend typically.

    My rents about £95p/w in halls and I spend about £20 per week on shopping, so on average thats probably £20 more per week than I spend on essentials.
    I am living in the most expensive halls (for a single room) though so those in cheaper accommodation others may have quite a bit more to spare.

    I guess that extra £20 just all add up over the duration of the term and ultimatly goes on things like take aways, books and other uni items, nights out, and shopping advantures (ie clothes and shoes)
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    (Original post by John Cena)
    Hey Louisedotcom how much do you spend on food?
    is it included in ur halls fees?
    w/b soon
    Everythings included in the rent, all heating and electricty, water, internet etc and if you are in catered accommodation, your breakfast and evening meal is also included.

    Im in self catered however and I spend about £20 per week when I go shopping, but that also includes things like shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste, cleaning products so if you took all that stuff away it would average out at less
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    thanks louise! good to know, good to know.

    john cena, birmingham's listed on the table as costing about 194 pounds per week. ouch. might wanna try posting in the brum forums to check...

    any more feedback about costs at leicester?
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    I'd say that's probably about right, but because I'm catered in John Foster my rent is £135 a week, so I spend more than the average.

    I spend about £10-£15 a week at Asda (Bits of food etc for snacks and lunch, and if I miss breakfast; alcohol, plus shampoo and toothpaste and stuff) and then about £15 on going out; and £10 on random things like fancy dress or the odd treat when I go shopping!!

    Having experienced many weeks of catered food now, I would recommend going self catered; I miss cooking, the food can be a bit repetitive and in hindsight I'd much rather have saved myself £40 (I know I could feed myself for less than that a week!!!)
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    If you're wondering about outside of halls, my rent next year is £55 per week (and half rent over the summer) in Clarendon Park (the most sought after area for Leicester university students.) This includes water bills, but i have to pay for gas and electricity seperately, and food on top. So it's about £2650 for the whole year.

    But considering I was paying £135 purely for catered accomodation, and then more on top for snacks etc, i'm pretty sure next year will be a lot cheaper. That was £4100 for accomodation. Plus, I don't have to treck my stuff back and forward as i've had to this year.
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    ill probably end up spending all my money on drinks on nights out
    i always try to stick to a budget but it never works
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    (Original post by Dredz)
    ill probably end up spending all my money on drinks on nights out
    i always try to stick to a budget but it never works
    Hahah well if you don't, you'll be starving by the end of the term as all that student loan will be gone :P
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    I worked out last year in halls that with loans etc I was living on £70 a week which is more than enough. Leicester is, as most places as far north of London are, pretty cheap on the whole.
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    what about part-time jobs? easy to find?
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    (Original post by Dredz)
    what about part-time jobs? easy to find?
    I'd say so: if you apply for a job working in the bars at uni before you apply I reckon you're guaranteed it.

    I applied in September last year (emailed them an application), and was invited to an orientation the day I moved into halls(!!). Everyone was asked to work at least one shift over freshers fortnight, and then everyone who wanted regular shifts afterwards did! I only work Friday nights regularly (£30ish) but work gigs when they're on cos then I get paid to listen to the bands

    The shifts are pretty flexible (within reason) - I've never been turned down when I've asked for a night off, so if you have exams, or want to go away for the weekend or whatever they're usually pretty good bout it!

    I've heard it's pretty easy to get a job working in halls serving food as well (and it's better paid than the SU). And the hours are more social (No finishing after 3am haha!)
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    How does the weekly living cost break down (how much on travel, entertainment etc.)?
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    (Original post by romd)
    How does the weekly living cost break down (how much on travel, entertainment etc.)?
    Thats impossible to tell you, as everyone has different lifestyles.
    Some people will go out every night of the week, and others not atall.
    Some people also travel by car, bicycle and others by bus or on foot.
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    concerned with~
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    (Original post by ihelen)
    concerned with~
    What do you mean?


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