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    Heh, let me just take a moment to throttle my useless, university connected TV that has the same capacity as a water melon for broadcasting digital...


    Nope, still not recieving any waves. Not much news on the spoiler front yet either. Although recently some of the cast were all interviewed interogration style (I think possibly for DVD release as I haven't seen them on TV yet). I'm putting these under the cut as I can't remember whether they contain any spoilery stuffs.

    The first of these interogation interviews can be found here http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=SCkFFdMKoj0 and I think the rest can be found from the same poster.

    There is also a new interview featuring Mark Harmon, David Mccallum and Brian Dietzen (Jimmy Palmer). This one DOES contain some spoilers.

    about a member of the cast leaving! Unfortunately, it isn't much and is only mentioned breifly so keep your ears peeled.

    If you haven't already seem them, enjoy!
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    just watched the second one. crap the rumours are true! :-S
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    Found the other interviews on Youtube

    Mark Harmon

    Michael Weatherly

    Cote de Pablo

    Sean Murray

    Pauley Perette

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    Some of 'em were on the CBS website too (but no one is giving away much at all, eh? :rolleyes:) Good finds! On the plus side though, according to the schedules, this time next week, we'll definitely all finally know! :eek:

    CSI Miami is heating up too. Man, too much good TV and not enough internet time left before I'm internetless

    Totally know what you mean Beccydoodaa. I'd be happy with Five US nevermind FX :p: And to think all the student union uses Sky for is showing sports
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    Clip from season 5. Can't wait for season 5 to begin now!!!!

    http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=JOGKTfyxtUc&feature=rela ted
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    Just found this video on youtube.

    Watch at own discretion, it contains a major, major spoiler. On one hand glad I saw it because it makes you want to watch the new season but also gives away a part of the story which is a bad thing. So watch if you want. If you do close your eye for the first 20seconds or so.

    http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=vFDgKFWgblc&feature=rela ted
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    Omg! Pete *hugs* Thank you for finding this!!!

    My spoiler ridden ramblings about the clip:

    omg, omg, thank God the G man blinked! Who was the other person in the car?! Were they both in the car? OMG! My wee heart is moving at 100mph!!! Unless, wait, maybe those scenes weren't from the finale? *breathe!* EDIT: the pther person has painted nails and darkish hair - Ziva???! :bawling: Wait! Although if Ziva was driving I could see how they ended up in the water :rolleyes: she's not exactly the 'painted nails type'... *let it be Jenny, let it be Jenny*

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    Back to the rumour front. More rumblings about who's leaving the show....


    From reading a couple of posts the americans will know in a couple of weeks so it'll probably be best to avoid the CBS forum for a while.
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    (Original post by Yuna47)
    Omg! Pete *hugs* Thank you for finding this!!!

    omg, omg, thank God the G man blinked! Who was the other person in the car?! Were they both in the car? OMG! My wee heart is moving at 100mph!!! Unless, wait, maybe those scenes weren't from the finale? *breathe!*

    No problem Don't worry though....

    ....it's not from the finale. It's actually episode 7 (Requiem) of season 5!!!
    Plot synopsis: When a childhood friend of Gibbs' deceased daughter approaches Gibbs for help about a stalker, the case turns into a conspiracy about stolen US supply money in Iraq which nearly gets her and Gibbs killed.

    On the old rumour front from what I've read the finale "Judgement Day" of S5

    "The agents are all at risk as they search for a killer who took the life of one of their own"
    apparently they find the body of an ex-agent and then are targeted by the killer. However the sites I've been on give slightly different synopsises. The one thing we can be sure of is that someone is leaving.

    Season 5 is going to be really tense. I think I'm going to slow down the whole searching for who's leaving because I'll end up spoiling it for myself. Still keep the rumours going though because it's interesting to see what people think

    Here's a question. If you could be anyone (or a mixture) of the character's who would it be and why?

    I'd be Tony, simply because he can charm most women and add to that Ziva's ninja like skills and Gibb's intellect, intuition and ability to read people.
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    *Phew* But then again, gosh darn it, if it had have been from the finale, it would have calmed my fears somewhat! :p:

    :rolleyes: Hmm, given my past uni studies *ahem* :rolleyes: I'd be kinda qualified to be (a less irritating Abby) :rolleyes: (I like her enough, but the Caff-Pow has to go! )

    But seriously though for that kind of job, I'd have... Ziva's super-coolness and cold-hearted trained killer approach, Gibb's spare pair of eyes (the ones on the back of his head :p: how else does he know everything that's going on? :p:), and erm, erm Abby's dress sense and I'd be full of Ducky's tales of days gone by

    If any of what I said made any sense, I'll be impressed (I'm full of a certain caffeinated sugary beverage :pepsi: :ashy: and I'm watching the football... And to think I was essentially having a dig at Abby for thinking like a Pachinko machine - what a hypocrite I am!
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    Recoil (5x16 I think) is now up on youtube. MAJOR spoilers if you click the link. You have been warned! It is in 5 parts, I won't put them all up, just the first one as the other four are in the 'related videos' column. Happy watching!

    This isn't the season 5 finale, I haven't seen that anywhere just yet. I've seen up to 5x16 now through various websites like youtube etc. but my laptop broke so I haven’t seen any more. I don't think any more are out yet but hopefully I'll have a working lappy again soon

    If I were to choose a character…I guess a mixture of Abby and Ziva? I used to be very gothic, although my wardrobe has at least some colour in it now. I love weird and unusual things too, and have my own addiction to caffeine via diet coke. I seriously can’t function without at least 2-3 cans a day!

    Characteristically I guess more towards Ziva for less emotional tendencies and less patience (image of Ziva beating the jollies out of a computer…) as well as a more hands on person. I like a bit of action

    I suppose I'll have to be honest and say I'm probably a bit like Ducky in a sense as sometimes I go on and on and on....
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    From the CBS website...


    May 20, 8:00pm et/pt
    Judgment Day

    In a special two hour season finale Tony and Ziva are assigned to protect Director Shepard as she attends the funeral of retired NCIS Special Agent William Decker. Agent Decker's autopsy was ruled a suicide, but at the funeral Jenny discovers it was murder, and during her investigation the team will have to deal with the loss of one of their own. TV14-V
    An intriguing point...

    "...at the funeral Jenny discovers it was murder, and during her investigation the team will have to deal with the loss of one of their own."

    I'm reading too much into everything, I know, but this makes it sound that it may not be her that gets bumped off... If it had said "the investigation", I wouldn't have batted an eyelid! But CBS are known for twisting things to make surprises even greater :p:

    I promise that after my own personal (internet) hiatus over the summer, I will be less annoying and chilled! :cool:
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    I think it may be Ducky or Sheppard. "Why do you think that?" "My gut!"
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    Big speculative spoiler follows....

    Someone on youtube said today it will be Tony. Do I believe it? I don't know but he seemed pretty sure of himself! I hope he's wrong

    Noo! No no no no! Hush, gut, hush!!

    Not our Ducky! Who will look after his mum?!
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    That would really screw up the formula of the show. The final episode of NCIS on the American network CBS will be shown on May 20th so if you want to know who dies check their forum at....

    http://boards.cbs.com/n/pfx/forum.aspx?tsn=61&nav=messages&w ebtag=cbsncismb&tid=432
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    Some theories sort of

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    Many apologies if someone else has already posted this!

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    *jumps into thread*

    I haven't watched much of Season 4 of NCIS showing on Five, since I don't have a TV in university, but I've been reading stuff online and I'm SO curious as to who's going to die.

    I really hope it's Director Shepherd/Jenny (I've never been entirely sure how to refer to her), because she annoys me beyond belief. She's a completely pointless character, IMO. If it's any of the others, I'll be horribly upset. We already lost Kate, I don't think I could handle losing another character I liked!
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    I agree with you about Jenny, I do hope it's her that's going but I have my suspicions about everyone else too! In the clip in my last post, how suspicious are they all acting?! Especially Mr Weatherly...

    Ah, we'll know in less than 48 hours :eek:


    Oh, yeah, we'll need to keep who's getting bumped off and our mad rants about it in spoiler tabs just in case someone who doesn't want to know stumbles across it in main discussion and hyperventilates themselves to death.

    :rolleyes: Wait a minute - that'll be me! Can't work out whether I'm more nervous about this or my impending doom (exam results) :p:
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    Lol, Yuna!

    I've got an exam in 1 hour and 45 minutes and I'm on here watching spoiler footage! Eh well, I'm never taking this option again so NCIS shall prevail.

    I'm getting the jelly wobbles just thinking about the finale!!

    Die, Jenny, die!

    Aren't I mean??


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