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GMail/GoogleMail Login Problem

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    Just wondering whether anyone else is having any problems logging into GMail/GoogleMail? I've been trying to do so for almost an hour, but it simply isn't working, asking me if I want to use the Basic HTML View; I got bored of waiting after awhile, so tried clicking on that, but it still fails to load up my inbox. Seems a little bizarre, since an other site that I visit is working fine, so it can't be a problem with my internet connection. Any ideas?

    If other people are having the same problem, then I can only assume that it's a problem with Google's servers, but if not, then I'm stumped as to what's going on.


    Oh yeah, I've tried clearing my cache, etc and restarting my computer, so there's no need need to suggest those as solutions.
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    I'm not having any problems getting onto mine but you are probably on a different server. I have had problems before in the past which haven't affected anyone I know at that current time. They sorted themselves out though normally within an hour.
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    Meh, fair enough; I was just wondering if it was widespread, as there's some important information that I need to forward to a friend, but it's lurking in my account - I guess I'll just have to wait it out.
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    Google has been very slow for me tonight, so has gmail.
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    But are you able to login to Gmail though, even though it's slow?
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    Google has been an arse today, it's the first time I have ever seen it slow or simply non responsive.
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    Seriously, IMAP has vanished, pages are giving 500s. The whole fabric of society as we know it is going to collapse.
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    The gmail page has always been really slow to load up for me. That's why I use Thunderbird.
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    I use Outlook, but it isn't syncing to gmail anymore.
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    Apple mail works fine.
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    I am having problems logging into gmail but thats only because I have forgotten my password
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    youtube has been dead slow and stop tonight too. Hmm...
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    (Original post by StraightDrive)
    The gmail page has always been really slow to load up for me. That's why I use Thunderbird.
    Just as a sidenote, the latest beta of Firefox (3b5) loads JS-heavy sites like Gmail much faster - twice as fast, if the release notes are accurate.
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    (Original post by smooth3k)
    Just as a sidenote, the latest beta of Firefox (3b5) loads JS-heavy sites like Gmail much faster - twice as fast, if the release notes are accurate.
    I've never really liked Firefox. I can't place my finger on it...but I really should stop using IE6!

    It's all good though, never had a virus and I run SpyBot quite often.
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    GMail has been fine for me, apart from on the customised iGoogle home page where it keeps saying "Please re-enter your password to see your information" in my GMail box.

    Even after re-entering my password, it still shows the above message.


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Updated: April 16, 2008
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